Information for Advisors

The purpose of early alerts is to provide a means of communication between faculty and advisors so that:

  • Students can address issues promptly enough in the semester to hopefully prevent serious consequences;
  • Advisors can assist students in navigating their academic experience, and;
  • Advisors can make referrals to campus resources, etc.

The Early Alerts Implementation Working Group has provided those who get alerts for their students with a downloadable information guide:

Downloadable Guide for Advisors

Early Alerts for most courses will become available after February 8th and be sent by the Office for Advising Development. For large courses (MATH 110, 121, 180 and CHEM 101, 122, 123, 124, 125, 232, and 234) alerts are submitted after the results of the first exam during the week of February 13th and the week of February 20th.