PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – iAdvise Tip of the Week – the Student Profile is your place for quick info!

The iAdvise Project Team is pleased to provide this week's tip:

The "Student Profile" - your portal to quick info needed for students!

  • By now, if you're using iAdvise regularly, you might be used to navigating to the Student Profile - essentially your dashboard to your student's information and activities in iAdvise!
    • VIEWING CURRENT HOLDS - If you have access to information in the Overview, this is a quick way to see if your student has holds that prevent registration.
    • NOTES ARE ALL IN ONE PLACE - Once you've had a chance to look through the Banner student information on the "Overview" and the "Info" section and you want to see what notes exist, you can go to the "Notes" section on the left side. The "Notes" section will include all of the note types - flag comments, appointment notes, standalone notes, etc.

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