FOR YOUR INFORMATION: OSSP news – new staff, a new website, new scholarship portal and more…

Hello UIC Advisors,

The Office of Special Scholarship Programs offers a welcome to fall 2015 to all advisors! We have new staff, a new website, a new scholarship portal and new procedures for you to keep up on scholarships and tell us about talented students.

  1. Molly Hildebrand joined the office in late May and is the point person for the Guaranteed Professional Program Admission (GPPA) program as well as working with students applying for nationally competitive scholarships.
  2. Our new website launched last week and you can find us at
  3. UIC scholarships for continuing students are now centralized in one location in a program we’re calling UIC SnAP (Scholarship and Award Program). All enrolled students and any advisors currently enrolled in courses can access the scholarships at In the near future we hope to have descriptions accessible to all advisors, whether they are enrolled or not.
  4. We continue to try to find ways to best serve students and we’re excited to tell you about Jumpstart:  Encourage students to visit Jumpstart to explore how OSSP works and let students know that Jumpstart is how we start working with students who don’t have a specific scholarship in mind.
    1. They will get a tour of the awards listed on the website
    2. They will learn about signing up for our listserv, which is the best way to track internal and external scholarships with upcoming deadlines
    3. They will learn about our library
    4. They will have the opportunity to fill in an information form and these will be reviewed and responded to on a weekly basis.
    5. They will learn about the scholarship advising services we offer
  5. In collaborating with advisors on getting the right student to the right scholarship at the right time, we have two options for you.
    1. If you’d like to get descriptions of major scholarships and their deadlines that you can send out to students, please email with a request to “add me to the advisor scholarship list”
    2. If you come across students who knocks your socks off and you think that based on their grades, leadership, research, desire to or experience studying abroad, etc. they might be a good candidate for something, send an email to me or to Molly letting us know the students’ names, what you find so impressive about them, and their email addresses.

Thanks so much for all you do to help our students prepare for success in scholarship competitions and beyond. We look forward to hearing from you!


Best wishes,

Beth & Molly