UIC’s Advising Mission and Values

Academic Advising Mission Statement

The mission of academic advising at the University of Illinois at Chicago is to ensure successful undergraduate educational experiences. Academic advising is centered in the colleges. The larger advising network assists students with making the transition to college life and guides their informed decisions about the academic priorities, progress, and goals integral to completing degrees and preparing for careers.



In January 2012, UIC’s Undergraduate Policy Council endorsed a list of principles related to advising, including the following:

  1. Transition and first-year advising should be mandatory, more holistic, specialized, and professionalized; more centralized than current college-specific models; and supported by central resources;
  2. Student/advisor ratios should meet national standards allowing longer advising face-time;
  3. Advising should support the development of and continued attention to four-year (when possible) graduation plans, and it should support realistic course choices;
  4. Advisors should work in concert with each other, which would be facilitated by a campus-wide shared electronic database;
  5. Advisors should work in concert with faculty partners to ensure effective “early alerts” that can identify students in trouble and send them to the right resources;
  6. First-year seminars should be implemented for all new students with a strong advising component.

These principles are outlined in the initial draft plan for student success:

A Conceptual Framework for Promoting Access to Excellence and Success
October 10, 2012