UARC Daily News: Compassion fatigue and advising…let’s support each other, we are a team.

Self care is always important, but especially at this time of year when stress levels are high, we want to remind all of our advisors that in order to support our students we must make every effort to take care of ourselves.

A recent presentation on “Improving Compassion Satisfaction and Understanding Compassion Fatigue Among Academic Advisors” by Joshua Morrison, NACADA grant winner, of IUPUI presents some interesting findings.

We should all be aware of the symptoms of compassion fatigue as referenced at, which include for individuals being mentally and physically tired, sadness or decreased satisfaction, and difficulty concentrating among others.

If you are feeling these effects, reach out to your office colleagues, supervisors, and other advisors on campus. It’s important to also try to get adequate rest and exercise. Seek out UARC members and we can work on getting a sharing group together. Don’t suffer in silence. We’re a team.