Tips for Maximizing your Advising Appointment

You should plan to meet with an academic advisor each term. The following guidelines are offered to help you make the most of advising appointments:

  • Schedule advising appointments well in advance of registration.
  • Examine degree requirements, course descriptions, and the Schedule of Classes prior to your advising appointment.
  • Develop a tentative schedule before meeting with your advisor.
  • Ask for clarification on issues pertaining to scheduling, degree requirements, course selection, academic policies, or anything else that may impact your academic progress.
  • Review a DARS Report outlining progress toward the degree at each advising appointment.
  • Keep track of progress toward the degree and review records with your advisor. Your advisor assists you with this process, but it is your responsibility to make sure that all degree requirements are met.
  • Be aware of Change of Course Schedule (Drop/Add) rules and rules on Withdrawal from classes.
  • Stay informed of rules governing satisfactory academic progress for financial aid, which may be found in the Financial Aid section of the catalog. Do not drop courses or withdraw without considering these rules and consulting a financial aid advisor if receiving financial aid.
  • Remember that your advisor provides you with understanding and clarification of the options available, but you make your own decisions.
  • Make the best possible decisions by consulting the catalog, a DARS Report, and your advisor prior to course selection, registration, and enrollment.