SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Spring 2016 ACE Academic Achievement Program (AAP) for students on Academic Probation

The Spring 2016 Academic Achievement Program (AAP) is a six-week program for students who are on Academic Probation.  If you or advisors in your colleges are working with probationary students who need additional academic support, please feel free to refer students to the AAP.  Throughout the program we will address academic, personal and social issues, help students set goals and understand who they are as learners.

This spring, we are excited to include Peer Mentors who will serve in each section of the AAP.  The Peer Mentors are current undergraduates who were also on academic probation at one point and participated in the AAP.  They are working as co-facilitators with instructors and mentors to help reduce the stigma around probation and to offer support to students.

Bahar Baniasad and Jose De Leon will serve as the Spring 2016 AAP Instructors.

More information (dates/times/locations) can be found on our website:  Students may register online.