FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: New LAS Explore My Major web pages – visit now!

Check out this exciting new online resource created for students to explore their majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

Explore My Major is a new comprehensive LAS online major exploratory resource which highlights each liberal arts major through several categories of: alumni career highlights, unique skills and competencies of each major, industry pathways, current student testimonials with PDF downloads, and unique content and career exploration related website links.

The intention of this resource is to expand the perception of our students of the application and strong value of each liberal arts major.

The hope is that these webpages will be used and integrated into our existing programming as well as shared by academic advisors in advising sessions.  Each page is hyperlinked to a department website so that students will be encouraged to take a deeper review of the major, faculty, and other department resources.