SHARE WITH STUDENTS: New Global Asian Studies courses for students!

Global Asian Studies invites you to encourage students to consider our Fall course line up. For more information, please contact the instructor directly.  In particular, we invite advisors to promote these two courses where seats are still available!

-GLAS 250: Critical Issues in Community Engagement where students can learn more about our vibrant Chicago community organizations and potentially explore internship opportunities in the future! A flyer is attached. GenEd course.

-GLAS/ANTH 224:  a new course on the Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia! A flyer is attached.


*GenEd Courses

GLAS 105: Asian American Identities, Cultures, and Communities

This one-credit seminar is part of the Asian American Mentor Program for incoming new first-year and transfer students.

Students should apply here to join AAMP and receive enrollment permission for GLAS 105:

Instructor approval required. Contact:

Karen Su, T 3:30–4:20, CRN 40130
Karen Su, W 1:00-1:50, CRN 40131
Karen Su, R 12:30–1:20, CRN 4012
Karen Su, F 11:00–11:50, CRN 40127

*GLAS 210: Asian American Histories
Michael Jin, TR 2:00–3:15, CRN 40905; contact

GLAS 224/ANTH 224: Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia
Mitch Hendrickson, TR 9:30–10:45, CRN 41509 & 41510; contact

*GLAS 230: Cultural Politics of Asian American Food
Anna Guevarra, M 3:00-5:45, CRN 40125; contact:

*GLAS 231/POLS 231: Introduction to Chinese Politics
Yue Zhang, TR 3:30-4:45, CRN 40034; contact:

*GLAS 250: Critical Issues in Community Engagement
Radha Modi, MWF 2:00–2:50, CRN 40906; contact

*GLAS 271/HIST 271: Late Imperial China
Laura Hostetler, MWF 10:00–10:50, CRN 40081 & 40082
Laura Hostetler, MW 10:00-10:50, CRN 40081 & F 11:00-11:50, CRN 40083; contact:

*GLAS 275/HIST 275: History of South Asian to 1857
Rama Mantena, T 11:00-12:15, CRN 40032 & 40033; contact:

*GLAS 279: South Asian Cultures and Societies
Gayatri Reddy, M 3:30–6:15, CRN 40022; contact gayatri@uic.du

GLAS 328/ENGL 328: Asian American Literature
Department approval required.
Mark Chiang, MWF 10:00–10:50, CRN 40027; contact

GLAS 471/AH 471: Topics in Asian Art and Architecture
Catherine Becker, R 5:00–7:45, CRN 40019 (undergraduate)
or 40020 (graduate); contact