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Undergraduate Advising Directory: Colleges and Departments

All colleges and some academic departments provide academic advising for undergraduate students enrolled in their programs. Individual colleges have different advising policies. Your college’s advising policy will help you determine when and how often you are required, or encouraged, to see an advisor.

Your college is responsible for determining and verifying that you have met all requirements for graduation.

You should consult your college office to find out where to go for advising and whether or not advising is required. Below is a directory of college offices that provide advising services or advising-related information. Please note that an appointment is generally required to see an academic advisor.

*College of Applied Health Sciences
Student Affairs Office
560 AHSB
1919 West Taylor Street
(312) 996-2079

*College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts
Office of Student Affairs
208 JH
929 West Harrison Street
(312) 996-3351

*College of Business Administration
Undergraduate Programs
1100 UH
601 South Morgan Street
(312) 996-2700

College of Education
Student Affairs
3145 EPASW
1040 West Harrison Street
(312) 996-4532

*College of Engineering
College Office
123 SEO
851 South Morgan Street
(312) 996-3463

School of Public Health
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
1113 SPHPI
1601 West Taylor Street
(312) 355-2536

Honors College
College Office
103 BH
828 South Halsted Street
(312) 413-2260

*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
LAS Academic Advising Center
309 UH
601 South Morgan Street
(312) 996-3366

College of Nursing
Office of Academic Programs
138 NURS
845 South Damen Avenue
(312) 996-6045

College of Urban Planning
and Public Affairs

Student Services
412 South Peoria Street
(312) 413-8088

*This college has department-level advising. Department-level advising may occur in addition to or instead of college-level advising depending on your major and your class standing. You should consult your college office to determine if department-level advising is recommended or required for your major.