How to Prepare for Midterms

Be ready for midterms.

Review your syllabus and make sure that you are up to date. Attend your classes, complete your assignments, consult with your instructor or TA when necessary, do all of your assigned reading, and review your notes. Midterms do not necessarily imply midterm examinations; rather midterms are a snapshot of where you are at the halfway point of the semester. Don’t assume that you can catch up in the second half of the term if you get behind in the first half. Remember that your midterm grade is not necessarily an accurate predictor of your final grade; the course syllabus may provide information about how final grades are computed. Ask your instructor or TA if they will be providing midterm grades.

Evaluate your own progress before midterms.

Have you done all of your assignments? How many quizzes and/or tests have you taken? What grades have you received? Have you attended all your classes and lab/discussion sessions? Have you been an active participant in classroom discussions? Have you completed assigned problem sets and/or reading? If your grades for a class are on Blackboard, do you regularly review them?