Promoting Academic Progress Interventions

The Promoting Academic Progress project, currently focused on first-year students, aims to help students avoid financial aid cancellations due to academic progress issues or remediate once a SAP cancellation has been calculated at the end of the student's first year. The project is a partnership between the Office for Research on Student Success, the Office for Advising Development, and the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

iAdvise is being used as part of the toolkit for assisting advisors and coaches working with these students. The current components of iAdvise being employed in the project are FLAGS and GENERAL SHARED NOTES, which will have an associated workflow.

In this case, for the purposes of January 2021 and other Spring 2021 interventions beyond the add/drop period, we are concerned with students' rate of progress, which is a ratio of credit hours successfully completed versus credit hours attempted.

Interventions - Who, When, How

As part of this initiative, advisors can review the progress of their first-year students after their first term to see how the students are academically progressing, and to determine if the students can take action in the spring semester to improve successful completion of their attempted credits by the end of their first year in college. Students can work with their advisor to make decisions about summer courses to recover their financial aid eligibility if needed.

Student generally fall into four groups, arranged in the order of opportunity for intervention by advisors and the student’s ability to prevent SAP cancellation or to recover:

  • Group 1 – Academic progress needs review, and additional credit hours for Spring term should be considered… (Blue Group)
    • Some students may be able to register for an additional course and to improve their completion ratio of earned credits versus attempted credits by the end of their first year. These students may need to consider their completion ratio if they want to late drop a course after the 10th day.
      • This group will be the one group who will have a flag in iAdvise to indicate the opportunity to review and take action with the students.
        • iAdvise Flag Name – Academic Progress: Check Spring Credit Hours for CROP Ratio
  • Group 2 – Academic progress challenges after first term, and Summer recovery is necessary… (Purple Group)
    • These students faced challenges with completing their attempted coursework in their first term, and will need to consider how to approach summer session irrespective of their spring registration.
      • iAdvise General Shared Note – Academic Progress: CROP Ratio Issue – Summer Academic Recovery Needed
        A General Shared Note will be entered noting that this student will need to consider remediation or prepare materials for an appeal due to SAP cancellation.
  • Group 3 – Good academic progress, but discuss completion ratio if considering dropping a course… (Yellow Group)
    • Some students have completed their first term, but may not have completed all of their first term credits successfully. These students would need to have in mind their completion ratio if they were to consider reducing the number of credits they were taking during the Spring semester (e.g., late dropping a course after the 10th day), because doing so might put them in danger of a SAP cancellation or other academic progress challenges.
      • iAdvise General Shared Note –Academic Progress: Consider SAP/CROP Ratio if Dropping a Course
        A General Shared Note will be entered noting that this student will need to consider SAP when withdrawing from a class after the tenth day.
  • Group 4 – Currently Clear (Green Group)
    • These students had a high successful completion rate during their first term, such that no advising intervention is likely needed for them to sustain their academic progress toward degree and retain financial aid eligibility.
      • iAdvise General Shared Note – Academic Progress: Currently Clear CROP Ratio after First Term
        A General Shared Note will be entered noting that this student will need to consider SAP when withdrawing from a class after the tenth day.

Fact Sheets and Workflows:

For reference information on Satisfactory Academic Progress, and for the initiative’s iAdvise Workflow, you can download our current fact sheets and guidelines: