PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Upcoming event on DACA and Resources for Undocumented Students hosted by AARCC (9-30-15)

The Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC) will be hosting an event on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and other resources for undocumented students.

DACA allows for:

  • Deportation Relief
  • Work Authorization
  • Certain Scholarships
  • In-State Tuition (for some campuses)
  • Emergency, Employment, and Educational Travel

Our key presenter will be Nayoung Ha from the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center a member of the Asian American and Arab American Collaboration on Deferred Action. We will also have Jennifer Juarez, from Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services, covering campus resources for undocumented students. Members of the student organization, Fearless Undocumented Alliance, will describe how they fit into the UIC support network.

The event will be held on:

Wednesday, September 30th
Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (Lecture Center B2)