PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: UIC ADVISOR CONFERENCE (March 22nd) call for proposals is open and due Monday, February 8th!

Share Your Ideas!

Dear Advising Colleagues,

As part of Advisor Week, UARC will host our annual Advisor Conference on Tuesday, March 22nd on the themes of thriving and development.  The purpose of this conference is to provide a professional development opportunity to advisors across campus by sharing their knowledge in a presentation/workshop or by attending presentations to improve their own practice.

We encourage you to submit presentation/workshop proposals to and by Monday, February 8th.  Presentations should last 50 minutes and relate to the themes of thriving and development in advising – either student-focused, advisor-focused, or both.  Proposals should be ½-1 page double-spaced and include the names of the presenters, an abstract of the presentation, and an informal literature review.

We look forward to your responses!

Take care,

The UARC Advisor Conference Subcommittee