PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: UIC 2018 Advisor Conference “Innovate, Explore, Grow” – Call for Proposals – due next Friday, February 9th!

REMINDER – Proposals are due next Friday, February 9th!

UIC 2018 Advisor Conference – “Innovate, Explore, Grow”

As part of Advisor Week, OAD will host our annual Advisor Conference on Wednesday, March 28th on the themes of innovation, exploration, and growth.  The purpose of this conference is to provide a professional development opportunity to advisors across campus by providing a venue to share their knowledge, interests, and experience. Presentation styles can range for each 50 minute session and presenters can draw on their work here at UIC in their current position, previous experience and education, or new exploration they are doing.

We encourage you to submit presentation/workshop proposals to by Friday, February 9th.  Sessions should last 50 minutes.  Proposals should be ½-1 page double-spaced and include the names of the presenters, an abstract of the presentation, and an informal literature review (as applicable). If you don’t yet have a formal proposal, the Advisor Week and Advisor Conference Team can work together with you on your idea, so please submit an idea since we want you to learn from your knowledge and experience!

We look forward to your responses and we can’t wait for this year’s conference!

Best regards,

Advisor Conference Team