PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: SAVE THE DATE for the next Student Success Research Lecture on 11/28 on the UIC Exit Study


Monday, November 28, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Daley Library, Room 1-470

“UIC Exit Study: Why Students Leave Prior to Graduation and Where They Go From Here”

Sue Farruggia, Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

In order to better understand the reasons why some students leave UIC prior to graduating, we asked UIC students who enrolled for their first semester of college in fall 2013 but did not re-enroll in either spring or fall 2014 to participate in a research study. These former students completed a survey about their experiences at UIC and reasons for not returning. The survey was constructed to broadly cover multiple main areas: academic, financial, family-related, institutional, and social issues that may have contributed to the former student not returning to UIC. A subset of former students who completed the survey was then randomly selected to participate in a follow-up interview to obtain more detailed information about their experiences. These findings will be presented, along with data from the National Student Clearinghouse about where students go after leaving UIC.


The VPUA’s Office for Research on Student Success (ORSS) is pleased to announce the next installment of its campus lecture series, showcasing research being carried out across UIC to better understand and ultimately improve the success of UIC students. The ORSS Lecture Series on Student Success Research grew out of the UIC Student Success Initiative [], and has the dual purpose of opening a cross-disciplinary dialogue among researchers employing different perspectives and approaches to answer related questions about student success at UIC, and putting that research into the hands of practitioners who can make use of it for the benefit of our students.

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