SHARE WITH INCOMING STUDENTS: Summer College 2018 starts THIS MONDAY, June 25th – Registration is open – visit the Summer College website for more info!

Summer is here and so is Summer College!

Summer College begins this coming Monday, June 25th, but keep in mind that there are a number of programs that are one day programs starting throughout July and that MATH has a three week program starting on July 16th.

Summer College Website
For information on programs, visit the Summer College website, which will provide you with descriptions of all of the offered programs. There are some fantastic opportunities for incoming students in a range of areas.

The Summer Enrichment Math Workshop is now offered as a 3-week session! There will be two options so students can select Session 1 (June 25 – July 13) or Session 2 (July 16 – August 3).

The Summer College registration system is now open so please encourage your new first-year students who are eligible to register for one or more Summer College programs! Registration for Summer College happens through the my.UIC portal so incoming students can log in and register there. Invitations to eligible students have begun as well.



PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: BANNER 9 is arriving in October 2018 – AITS has provided online overview tools.

The countdown is on! Banner 9 goes live 4 months from today on October 14, 2018.

How can you get ready for Banner 9?

  1. Watch the 20 Minute Navigational Video.

This will help to familiarize you with the new look of Banner 9 and describe the navigational differences from Banner 8.

  1. Play in the playground!

We’ve created a playground environment so that you can see for yourself what Banner 9 looks like. This is a test environment so feel free to make changes & do anything you do in your daily work.

  1. Refer to Help Documents.
    A Navigational Overview document, Keyboard Shortcuts document as well as FAQs are available for your reference.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: OAD Goes to the Movies – KINKY BOOTS – at Millennium Park on Tuesday, June 19th! RSVP OPEN

It’s summer and it’s the time for sun, fun, and events under the stars!

Join us as “OAD Goes to the Movies”! Kinky Boots is showing at Millennium Park on Tuesday, June 19th  and you should come with us!

We’ll leave around 5:00 p.m. from UH and make our way down to Millennium Park to enjoy the popular Kinky Boots under the sun then the stars…

The RSVP is available – please RSVP by the end of Monday, June 18th! We hope to see you there!

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Fall 2018 – 100-level Art courses available to non-Art majors (Creative Arts Gen Eds)

There are two 100-level Art courses open to non-Art majors at this point (no departmental approval required, count as a Creative Arts gen eds):

ART 190 Introduction to Socially Engaged Art
M/W 8-10:40 AM
Introduces the concept of socially engaged art, a practice that blurs the line between art and life, emphasizing participation, dialogue, and action. Includes field visits and dialogue with artists. Students design and realize a public art project. Field trips required at a nominal fee. No previous art and studio experience is necessary for this class. Field Trips Required: Mess Hall, Dorchester Projects and Rebuild Foundation, Threewalls, Hyde Park Art Center, Experimental Station, and South Side Community Art Center, are all site-specific resources for this course. Students will visit at least two of these sites as part of their analysis and exploration of socially engaged art practices. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 160.

ART 151 Introduction to Creative Coding in New Media Arts
M/W 8-10:40 AM
Under the professional instruction of an expert in coding languages, students will investigate the ways in which social media, data, and code have been instrumental in re-configuring the nature of social relationships in our society. Course Information: Extensive computer use required. Field trips required at a nominal fee. Students will use coding languages such as Processing, HTML, and JavaScript. Moving through beginning and intermediate levels of coding, students will explore creative new avenues of applying these tools. Students will gain skills to expand upon traditional uses of coding by aligning it with the contemporary art practices of New Media, a field in which technology and contemporary art combine.

Remaining seats in 100-level Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, New Media Arts, Photo, and Film classes are reserved for incoming Art majors. In August after orientation is finished, non-Art majors are again welcome to register for these 100-level courses.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: SAVE THE DATES – The War that Made Today: An Interdisciplinary Commemoration of the End of World War I (11/1/18 – 11/11/18)


The War that Made Today:
An Interdisciplinary Commemoration of the End of World War I

Eleven days of programming on November 1 – 11, 2018, spearheaded by the Honors College, will explore the global and local impact of World War I and its role in shaping the contemporary world.

Programming will start November 1 in the Institute for the Humanities with three Interdisciplinary Conversations (11am – 3:45pm):  “WWI, Nationalism and the New Global World Order,” “Art at War: The International Avant-Garde and World War I,” and “Healing the Walking Wounded: Shell-Shocked WWI Soldiers through a Contemporary Cultural Lens.”

On November 2 at 3pm, poet Tom Sleigh will give a poetry reading and discuss writing about the trauma of war, while looking back at the WWI poets.

A program on west campus on November 7 at 2pm will explore “the Nurses of World War I: A Chicago Story.”

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum will host a roundtable discussion about The International Women’s Peace Movement, then and now, on November 8.

A finale performance of music, theatre and prose will be held at the UIC Theatre on November 9 at 6pm.

In addition, New Media artists will exhibit works responding to the war, and the Student Veterans Association will curate their own exhibition.

Complete details will be announced later.  Watch your calendars!

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Center for Student Involvement 2018-2019

We are proud to share the Fall 2018 events… so far! We have dates for Student Org Conference, Involvement Fairs, Meet the Greeks, Spark, and much much more.

Go to:

You will also find information at UIC Impact, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Organizations, and Campus Programs. A great resource for new staff and faculty.

Connect with CSI on social media: @UICCSI
Phone 312-413-5070

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: FREE WEBINAR – “Cash at College – Spending, Saving and Student Loans” on 6/13, 7/13, or 8/13!

USFSCO is offering a summer financial literacy webinar:

Free Webinar: Cash at College – Spending, Saving & Student Loans

Cash at College is for students, parents & staff interested in tips for money management in school. University of Illinois USFSCO’s Student Money Management Center and University of Illinois Extension have teamed up to offer this educational webinar that covers topics like banking, budgeting, credit and financing a college degree. Register to attend the June 13, July 13 or August 13 session today.

Register at

A digital poster and Facebook image is available for your use.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: ILACADA Annual Conference 9/21 at UIS – Charlie Nutt is the keynote speaker!

OAD will be providing transportation to Springfield for the conference! It will be a great chance to attend this one day conference – we’ll leave very early from UIC and return in the evening of the same day. Closer to September, an RSVP will be opened. For questions and information on potential support for conference fees, please contact Joey at


The Annual ILACADA Conference will be held on September 21, 2018 at University of Illinois Springfield and Charlie Nutt, Executive Director of NACADA is the keynote speaker! The theme for this year’s conference is Lights, Camera, Action: Award Worthy Advising. Submissions on any and all topics are welcome, but topics focused on the conference theme are preferred.

Conference registration is also now available, visit the conference registration page.

ILACADA Call for Submissions: Outstanding Advising Awards

The Outstanding Advising Awards annually recognizes ILACADA members serving in primary advising roles and administrative roles who have demonstrated outstanding qualities in academic advising. Winners will receive complimentary registration to the Annual Conference, a one year membership to ILACADA, a check for $250 for professional development, and serve on the ILACADA awards committee for the following year.

Deadline to apply: July 15, 2018. Notifications to recipients by August 1, 2018. Click here to apply. For questions specific to the awards, please contact Shelley Price-Williams, PhD at

Please see guidelines for each nomination category below:

  • Academic Advising, Primary Role: Individuals whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to students. Any individual serving as an academic advisor and employed by a regionally accredited post-secondary institution may be nominated.
  • Academic Advising Administrator: Individuals who may provide direct academic advising services but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program. Any individual serving as an advising administrator and employed by a regionally accredited post-secondary institution may be nominated.
  • ILACADA Emerging Leaders/Graduate Student Award: ILACADA Emerging Leaders/Graduate Student Award recognizes graduate students who are our Emerging Leaders in the field of higher education with specific interests in academic advising. All recipients will be recognized at the Annual Conference. This scholarship provides graduate students pursuing a degree in a related field with an interest in academic advising an opportunity to attend the ILACADA annual conference. Students should be nominated through their institution. Candidates must be a current graduate student and ILACADA member. The individual selected will receive a complimentary one year ILACADA membership and conference registration at the student rate. By accepting the award the individual agrees to submit a statement consisting of 500 words or less on your experience at this year’s ILACADA conference and serve on the ILACADA scholarship awards committee for the following year.


FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Pending Graduation Holds and taking classes beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Please see the notes below from the Registrar and information provided for summer registration options by Summer Session. From the Registrar:


I wanted to send a refresher about Pending Graduation Holds.  The Office of the Registrar places Pending Graduation Holds each spring prior to summer and fall registration on undergraduate students’ accounts who have a pending (PN “Outcome Status” in SHADGMQ).  Undergraduate students can and do run into a variety of problems when they future register past their graduating term.  Some students walk away and end up with F’s and in collections for courses they never attended.  Additionally, financial aid should not cover study beyond the first bachelor’s degree.  Also, graduated undergraduate students take precious seats from others.  Students should be directed to complete an application for graduate non-degree study or apply to a graduate program if they haven’t done so already.

Importantly, anyone with the ability to lift a College Advising Hold, can lift the Pending Graduation Hold.  Assistant Registrar Sonia Rincon is listed as the UserID; however, college staff have the best insight into whether a student did not or will not graduate or is admitted or needs to apply for a graduate or professional program of study.

The hold is described at the Registrar’s webpage: Pending Graduation Registration Hold

“Undergraduates who have submitted an Intent to Graduate will have a Pending Graduation Registration Hold placed to prevent registration for future terms.  This hold can be lifted by a college advisor.  College policies vary in regard to allowing students to register beyond the initial bachelor’s degree.  Contact with an advisor is needed when an undergraduate degree is to be earned and registration is sought for future terms.  Please note that students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may only have their hold lifted if they cancel their intent to graduate.”

I hope this is useful and your summer is going well!


Robert R. Dixon, J.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607

From Summer Session:

In addition to applying for graduate non-degree study, there is one more option.

If a graduating undergrad wants to enroll only in undergrad courses in the summer to prepare for a graduate program, they can be directed to complete the Summer Session Only (SSO) application. This will admit them a non-degree undergraduate for the summer only.

The advantages of this option are that students will pay an undergraduate tuition rate rather than a graduate tuition rate for those undergraduate courses (since they are assessed based on their student status rather than the course level). The SSO application also has a later deadline (1 week before each summer session rather than April 15 for grad non-degree). The disadvantages are that the student is only admitted for the summer term.

You can find more information about the Summer Session Only application on the Summer Session website:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: SAVE THE DATES – OAD Summer Networking Events….they’re here! (6/19, 7/12, 7/30, and 8/21)

Summer’s here and it’s time for OAD Summer Events…the Steering Committee wants to see you out and about!

Find your sunglasses and sandals, save the dates in your calendar and join us:

“OAD Goes to the Movies – Kinky Boots – at Millennium Park” on Tuesday, June 19th – we’ll leave around 5:00 p.m. from UH and make our way down to Millennium Park to enjoy the popular Kinky Boots under the sun then the stars…

Summer Game Night and Trivia” on Thursday, July 12th – join us at a local establishment for our annual summer game night and trivia contest. It’s fun, festive, and a great way to celebrate a summer night!

“Music of the Summer with OAD at Millennium Park – Aimee Mann” on Monday, July 30th – we’ll do our next outing to Millennium Park for renowned singer Aimee Mann. There will be beverages, munchies, and great music and conversation…

“Advisors 4th Annual End of Summer/Fall Kickoff BBQ at Ph.D. Pub” on Tuesday, August 21st – we’ll be gearing up for the academic year, but we also need to take advantage of our warm weather and great summer barbecue for our fourth annual bbq! Grill and chill with us…really, we’ll do the grillin’ and you do the chillin’!

Save the dates in your calendar! RSVP’s will be out soon! If you have questions, email Joey at