SHARE WITH STUDENTS: The Arab American Cultural Center (ARABAMCC) hosting event "Rise Up: An Immigrant Rights Legal Clinic" on April 6th

Please share this information and downloadable flyer:

The Arab American Cultural Center is hosting an event on April 6th from 5-7pm called Rise Up!.

We will have an immigration attorney at this event to answer questions that come up.

For this, people can fill in their questions ahead of time as well through this form. Please help us get any lingering questions from the UIC community for this attorney.

After a legal clinic on immigration law, we will center healing justice, poetry performances, poetry writing, and art making, as we work together to end anti-muslim racism and all forms of phobia, targeting, racism, and violence. Art is our ongoing practice for building a community defense system, solidarity, and relationships that will sustain us. #UnityatUIC

Facebook page for this event: