SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Summer 2018 EPSY 255 open to all students- register now!

The College of Education is offering EPSY 255 for Summer 2018.  For summer, the course is not restricted and is opened to ANY major.  If you would kindly share the information with your students:

If you are interested in EPSY 255 for the Summer 2018 term, now is the time to register.

EPSY 255
Child Development in Contemporary Society
3 hours.

Examination of theories on child development that explain age-related differences in cognition, affect, and behavior, and how this relates to 0-14 year old children's learning and educational needs. Prerequisite(s): ED 100 or PSCH 100 or EPSY 100; or consent of the instructor.

If you have any questions or need additional information or permission, contact the instructor, Thitrat Sriplo at