SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Spring 2019 OT 360 Promoting Wellbeing – additional section added!

Dear UIC faculty, staff and advisors,

An additional section of OT360 Promoting Wellbeing has been added for Spring 2019.

Below is some information about the course and an updated flyer to share with students who may benefit or be interested.

All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. Honors College students can receive Honors credit, as well. Please share!

Thank you,

Leah Goodman


OT360 “Promoting Wellbeing” will be offered for 2-credits this spring! The course addresses wellness and academic success for university students. If you are interested in learning and practicing strategies to help you better manage the responsibilities of the student role, advocate for your needs, and develop new behaviors for a healthy lifestyle, this class may be for you!

OT360 will be offered Spring 2019 for both undergraduate and graduate students. It will meet once per week and Honors College students can receive honors credit for any of the class sections. Course topics include: balance, mindfulness, prioritizing mental health and wellness, self-advocacy, goal setting and action planning, emotional regulation, relaxation, stress management, effective communication, relationships and more. 

We recognize that navigating the student role can lead to burnout and feeling overwhelmed. This course is designed to help you build strategies that will support you in promoting wellbeing for yourself and others.

In Spring 2019, OT360 will be offered in AHSB (1919 W Taylor St):

Tuesdays 4-5:50pm (CRN 42284)

Wednesdays 11-12:50 (CRN 42439)

Wednesdays 2-3:50pm (CRN 42285)

Thursdays 11-12:50pm (CRN42286)

If you have questions about Promoting Wellbeing (OT360), please contact Dr. Leah Goodman at

Download the flyer.

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