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Global Asian Studies invites you to encourage students to consider our Spring course line up. For more information, please contact the instructor directly.  In particular, we invite advisors to promote these two courses where seats are still available!

-GLAS 290: Introduction to Arab American Studies where students learn about the ways in which immigration and racism; family, gender, and sexuality; socio-economic class; religious affiliations; arts and cultures; and politics and political activism affect Arab American communities.

- GLAS 494: Gender and the South Asian Diaspora where students will learn about the experiences and imagined worlds of modern South Asians (focusing primarily on migrants from India) who have traveled to various parts of the world at different historical moments beginning with itinerant and colonial labor migrations of the 1800s to the present.


*GenEd courses

GLAS 105: Asian American and Pacific Islander College Student Experiences.
This seminar is a 1-credit course that prepares students to intern with departments at UIC that provide student programming and resources. The course focuses on Asian American and Pacific Islander college student experiences and campus resources in U.S. higher education. The seminar's topic and focus on career development skills like building resumes, interviewing, and public speaking will be beneficial whether you go onto an internship or not. Internships for academic credit will be offered to interested students who enroll in the course and begin the semester after the seminar. Contact:

Karen Su, T 3:30–4:20, CRN 39126
Karen Su, W 1:00-1:50, CRN 39127
Karen Su, R 12:30–1:20, CRN 39125


*GLAS 123/ENGL 123: Introduction to Asian American Literature
(Creative Arts and US Society)
Mark Chiang, MWF 10:00-10:50, CRN 38904 & CRN 38905; Contact:


*HIST 264/GLAS 264: The Pacific Rim in Modern History
Michael Jin, TR 11:00-12:15, CRN 41190; Contact:


GLAS 290: Hip Hop Dance and Asian American Cultural Politics
Lorenzo Perillo, TR 2:00–3:15, CRN 39133; Contact:


GLAS 290: Introduction to Arab American Studies
Nina Shoman-Dajani, W 3:00–3:45, CRN 39134 contact:


GLAS 300: Global Asia in Chicago
Instructor approval required.
Anna Guevarra, M 3:00-5:45, CRN 39136; Contact:


GLAS 494: Gender and the South Asian Diaspora
Gayatri Reddy, M 3:00–5:50, CRN 39968 (undergraduate) or 39969 (graduate); Contact: