SHARE WITH STUDENTS: L@s GANAS Research Fellowship now open!

Advisors: Do you work with science students who identify as Latinx and/or have Pell grants? Then please encourage them to apply for the L@s GANAS Research Fellowship. Our fellowship aims to bring more Latinx science students into the labs of UIC faculty for a two-year research experience. Fellows are eligible for up to $2500 each semester based on their financial aid eligibility. Fellows are required to take a science leadership workshop on Tuesdays from 3 – 4:40 pm in the fall and spring.

Interested students can learn more and apply at Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis until capacity is reached, thus the sooner the better. There is no GPA minimum, as we want to view their whole application before making a decision. Eligibility includes being a sophomore or incoming transfer student as of Fall 2018, identify as Latinx, majoring in biological sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, or neuroscience, and ability to commit to two years of a research experience. The curriculum centers on the Latinx in science experience, but any student who is Pell eligible can apply. The curriculum also centers our 4 core majors and thus we will prioritize those applicants. Students outside of those majors may not receive as much benefit, but are still welcome to apply. They should address why they should be considered in their application.