SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Fall 2018 U and I Care Facts

U and I Care Facts is a new initiative started this Fall 2018 from the Office of the Dean of Students, that is focused on providing you with weekly information on many topics including, exercise, healthy eating, self-compassion, stress and resilience, social connection, time management and more. Care Facts will be updated weekly and will contain tips and resources.

In case you missed any of the facts provided, here's are links to the past facts:

Week 1: Suicide - Please do not suffer alone.

Week 2: Coping with Discrimination

Week 3: Interpersonal Violence

Week 4: Tutoring and Academic Support

Week 5: Getting Out the Vote

Week 6: Feeling Overwhelmed in the Classroom

Week 7: Depression

Week 8: Resources for Housing and Food Insecurity