SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Fall 2018 – 100-level Art courses available to non-Art majors (Creative Arts Gen Eds)

There are two 100-level Art courses open to non-Art majors at this point (no departmental approval required, count as a Creative Arts gen eds):

ART 190 Introduction to Socially Engaged Art
M/W 8-10:40 AM
Introduces the concept of socially engaged art, a practice that blurs the line between art and life, emphasizing participation, dialogue, and action. Includes field visits and dialogue with artists. Students design and realize a public art project. Field trips required at a nominal fee. No previous art and studio experience is necessary for this class. Field Trips Required: Mess Hall, Dorchester Projects and Rebuild Foundation, Threewalls, Hyde Park Art Center, Experimental Station, and South Side Community Art Center, are all site-specific resources for this course. Students will visit at least two of these sites as part of their analysis and exploration of socially engaged art practices. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 160.

ART 151 Introduction to Creative Coding in New Media Arts
M/W 8-10:40 AM
Under the professional instruction of an expert in coding languages, students will investigate the ways in which social media, data, and code have been instrumental in re-configuring the nature of social relationships in our society. Course Information: Extensive computer use required. Field trips required at a nominal fee. Students will use coding languages such as Processing, HTML, and JavaScript. Moving through beginning and intermediate levels of coding, students will explore creative new avenues of applying these tools. Students will gain skills to expand upon traditional uses of coding by aligning it with the contemporary art practices of New Media, a field in which technology and contemporary art combine.

Remaining seats in 100-level Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, New Media Arts, Photo, and Film classes are reserved for incoming Art majors. In August after orientation is finished, non-Art majors are again welcome to register for these 100-level courses.