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Do you need to take ENGL 161?

Are you interested in studying WHO WE ARE, WERE, and COULD BECOME; the STORIES we tell and the MUSIC we play; the way w LOOK at and CREATE the WORLD around us?

Then sign up for HUM 101/100 this spring, and join the exciting ENGAGED HUMANITIES INITIATIVE!

Faculty-taught seminar and one hour writing workshop taught by English dept. TA.
Connect class work and reading to broader community.
Trips into Chicago.
Guest speakers.
Training and guidance in researching and writing.

*HUM 101/100 satisfies ENGL 161 and Gen Ed requirement (Individual and Society) with a B or better.
*Option to continue in the Engaged Humanities Initiative and receive FUNDING (up to $10,000!) to attend lectures and events on campus and off, and develop a research project for your third and fourth years at UIC.
*Students MUST sign up for the HUM 101 seminar and the corresponding HUM 100 workshop.
*Open to students who have received a B or better in ENGL 160, or who have placed into ENGL 161.

Listeners and Sounds
Dr. Ruth E. Rosenberg | Associate Professor of Music |
HUM 100 Workshop: Bailey Szustak
T/TH 9:30 - 10:45 AM & T 11-11:50 AM
In this interdisciplinary introduction to sound studies, we’ll look at a variety of questions, including: How do we listen? How does sound structure how we live and talk about politics and society? What role does sound play in the way we interact with the world? How has sound been used to empower, disempower, control, liberate, or engage us?

Communicating Futures: Visions and Metaphors of Technology
Dr. Steve Jones | UIC Distinguished Professor of Communications |
HUM 100 Workshop: Jared O’Connor
MW 9:30 - 10:45 AM & 11 - 11:50
Come explore how art, design, and engineering contribute to the representation and power of the information age. We will read books and watch films about how the past imagined the future, and attempt to engage our own creative abilities in imagining the future as we develop our own visions of the future through creative writing.

Visual Literary: Technology and Image Production in the 21st Century
Dr. Beate Geissler | Associate Professor of Art and Art History |
HUM 100 Workshop: Gregor Baszak
T/TH 9:30 - 10:45 AM & T 11 - 11:50
We’re surrounded by images, and the images we create and consume have a profound effect on us. We’ll begin to deconstruct the visible environment in which we live through lectures, museum and gallery visits, presentations, and projects.

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*The EHI is funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.