SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Asian American Awareness Month Keynote featuring Kinjaz on April 25th!

Please join us in the UIC Commemoration of the 2018 Asian American Awareness Month.

The theme for Asian American Awareness Month 2018 is “UnBound – Breaking Your Boundaries.” The AAAM Student Planning Committee selected this theme to convey the brightness of their futures and the brightness of their dreams. Often, Asian/Asian Americans are depicted exceling solely in science and math – based fields. The AAAM Student Planning Committee honors the successes of past Asian generations and seeks to amplify the current successes of this generation in the arts, as an example of extending past cultural boundaries and broadening the pop cultural image of what it means to be Asian/Asian American. For all the events, please go to

Join us for an in-depth discussion, Q&A, and performance with dance sensation Kinjaz. Kinjaz will host a MasterClass following the event at Campus Recreation.

ESTABLISHED IN 2010, Kinjaz identifies “as a band of brothers on a quest to fearlessly explore the depths of our imagination and artistic purpose. With over 30 total members, including individuals who specialize in other skills besides dance, we like to consider ourselves an “Artist’s brotherhood,” and are known for our signature intricate choreography style and creative storytelling through dance and new media. Our shared objective is to cultivate “brotherhood at all costs”, support each other to reach our highest collective potential, and to positively impact the world with our time and abilities in the most fun way possible.”

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