SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Art History courses offered during UIC Summer Session

There are two Art History courses being offered this summer:

AH 122 History of Chicago Architecture (4-week summer session; fulfills Understanding the Past gen ed category)
This intensive course explores the development of Chicago as the center of architectural and urban innovation. It focuses on its architecture: its residential, commercial, public, and industrial buildings as well as its infrastructure: the railroads, transit systems, and highways.

While we will examine the role of well-known architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the history of urban and architectural form, we will consider more quotidian innovations in engineering, communication, and manufacturing such as the steel frame.

As a lecture course, the survey aims to provide students with the complete but broad understanding of the city’s history, introducing them to the methods and terms of art and architecture history. Students develop these by engaging with actual object in the built environment through field trips.

AH 263 Latin American Colonial Art (8-week summer session;
fulfills World Cultures gen ed category)
This course surveys the visual and material production resulting from ongoing cultural exchanges between the United States and Mexico. The class develops chronologically in its exploration of the following themes: colonial contact zones; issues of cultural appropriation; the politics of representation; notions of the family; intersections of race, ethnicity, class, and gender; vernacular cultural expressions; and Latinx artists in contemporary art.

Please email Amanda Grant at for departmental approval. Students should include their full name, UIN, and the name of the class they want to take in their email.