SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Art courses available to non-Art majors

We are looking to increase enrollment in the following Art courses:

ART 350 Advanced Topics in New Media Arts: Digital Fabrication M/W 9-11:40 AM
This course offers a comprehensive exploration of rapid prototyping as it applies to the creation of new media artworks from concept development to execution. Students with a variety of interests and skill levels are introduced to art historical and contemporary artworks that incorporate technology. Students are also taught fundamental skills in digital fabrication, including laser cutting, 3d printing, and CNC milling/routing. Topics surveyed in the course will be tailored to student interests, and may include: computational form-generation, wearables, locative media, mold-making and casting, and other topics/ techniques. Through a small number of exploratory assignments and a public capstone project, students will bolster interdisciplinary problem-solving abilities and explore digital fabrication and computation as a media for curiosity-driven experimentation. Through self-directed research, class discussions and critiques, students will develop projects using the concepts and skills learned to augment the student’s own practice and interests.

ART 454 3D Space I: Modeling M/W 1-3:40 PM
Introduction to 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. Students develop a cross-media skill set that can be used for visualizing sculptural and/or architectural installations, filmic animation and compositing, gaming and object design.

Students should email Amanda Grant with their full name, UIN, and the name of the class they want to request departmental approval: