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AH 271 Native American Art,

M/W/F, 9-9:50 AM,

CRN 35369 or 35370 (Honors section)

In this course, we will study the Indigenous arts of North America both regionally and chronologically. In order to contextualize our study, we will begin our course with a brief introduction to Indigenous knowledge systems and the development of Native American art history as an academic discipline. Our course of study will be broad: from the rich variety of art forms that, for millennia, defined a wide array of distinct local communities and were exchanged over vast intercultural trade networks, into the early decades of the twentieth century, a period during which Native American art objects and imagery extended an unusually powerful (albeit complex and often contradictory) influence upon the development of modern art, film, and museum collections. Underscoring modes of both continuity and change, we will consider a diverse range of media, including architecture, basketry, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, painting, sculpture, and performance. The format for our class meetings will be a combination of lecture and discussion.