PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Spring 2018 Advising Summit presentations now available for download!

Our Spring 2018 Advising Summit focused on financial aid and payment options for students while also providing updates about new programs and initiatives. Our Spring 2018 Summit was held on February 23, 2018.

Thank you so very much to our presenters and to you for spending the afternoon learning with us! The agendas, presentations, and materials from our speakers are available on or can be downloaded below:

Summit Agenda
Flames Leadership Network (Elizabeth Houlihan, Office of First-Year Initiatives)
Non-Cognitive Profiles (Sue Farruggia, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and Academic Programs)
Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (Kiely Fletcher, Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships)
University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (Melody Wheeler, University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations)

We had a great time at our Winter Wonderland Networking event post-Summit and we're looking forward to Advisor Week.  

If you attended Summit, we want to hear from you. Your feedback is valuable, so please complete a survey for our planning team at

If you are new to the advising community since last year's Advisor Week and we didn't get your advisor glass delivered to you this week, please contact Joey at