PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: iAdvise News and Tips – cleared Fall 2019 flags, reminders about “To Do’s” and “Kudos”!

The iAdvise Project Team is pleased to provide some news with this week's tip:

  • To streamline your view, we administratively cleared most open Fall 2019 flags, referrals, and to do's in your Tracking Menu, except where there was an indication based upon the item that it was ongoing beyond the term.
    • If you want to see cleared items in your Tracking Menu, go to the "View" dropdown and select "Active and Resolved."
    • In the individual Student Profile, make sure to click "Both" at the top of the Tracking section next to "View."
  • We also made some adjustments to email for students requesting help through iAdvise, so you may begin receiving additional email from iAdvise. Please let us know if you have questions.
  • Don't forget that you can create "To Do's" for your students or give them positive feedback using "Kudos"! 
    • To Do's: There are a range of "to do" items that you can create for your students with due dates. They will get a reminder if it is past due...
      • Don't forget there's also a general "to do" called "You need to..." where you can add comments with specifics for your student.
    • Kudos: There are a range of "kudos" that you can use to provide positive feedback for your students. When your student gets a kudos (yes, it's kudos even when singular), they get a green star in their dashboard!
      • Don't forget that, like in "to do's", we've created a general kudos you can use called "Kudos for..." and you can add comments specific to your student(s)!

If you need help from our iAdvise Helpdesk, please email iadvisehelp@uic.eduiAdvise Web Link -