PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Banner 9 Upgrade Advice – Email #2

This is the second email in a series to prepare you for the Banner 9 upgrade.  From the previous email, Banner 9 look and feel is different and there are some navigation and form changes.  If you miss or delete an email, a PDF of all of the email communications are on the Office of Student Systems Services website ( on the Banner 9 tab.

What are we doing to help with this transition?

  1. The OSSS website ( has been updated to include Banner 9 information. All of the documents have been updated for Banner 9.  There are documents for the various college and department processes.
  2. A reminder that training will be conducted for the following areas:
    1. Schedule Planners: Beginning in September there will be training for all of the schedule planners.  Sign up will start on September 21 through the OSSS website.
    2. SZACURU: College staff who make curriculum changes will have a training/overview session(s) after the October 14th go live.  Sign up will be late September through the OSSS website.
    3. Graduation Processing: College staff who process graduation applications for students will be offered training/overview sessions in November. An email to sign up through the OSSS website will be sent mid-late October.

What do you need to do this week to prepare for Banner 9?

  1. Last week you should have logged into the playground and practiced navigation.
  2. This week log into the Banner 9 playground that AITS has set up. The URL is
  3. You should begin now to practice simple change or add functions. The playground has the same security as production.  Therefore chose a simple form that you have update permission.  Some sample forms:
    1. Section Planners: SSASECT – Change Maximum for a section.
    2. Advisors: SOAHOLD Add a Hold
    3. College Staff/Other Staff with View Access: View a Section, Hold or any other form
  4. Go to the OSSS website and find the document for the form that you want to work with this week. The documents are organized by area: Academic History, Admissions, Catalog Schedule, General Person, General Student and Registration.  Follow the instructions in the document on how to update or view a form.
  5. This week look at the additional functions on the right hand side of the page. Click on Tools in the upper right hand corner.  For instance, you might have to clear a record if you make a mistake.
  6. Reminder: AITS is doing a Banner Student overview session on September 27.  The sign-up link is on this page .

OSSS will be sending email each week with advice to help you prepare for Banner 9.  You should spend at least an hour per week learning about Banner to prepare for the October 14 go live date.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Mike Kamowski

Executive Director

Office of Student Systems Services