FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Placement Testing Changes for 2016 – PEP Handbook available and placement went live February 16.

There is a new Pre-Enrollment Evaluation Program (PEP) Advisor's Handbook available including placement testing changes for 2016, which include:

  • New quantitative cutoffs for placement into CHEM 101 and CHEM 112. Also, new chemistry courses that replaced CHEM 112 and CHEM 114 are included in the document.
  • Physics – The new physics test information is in the document.  Students must request the physics test.
  • Math-  There is a new math test called ALEKS PPL.  Therefore, new placement codes were created for the Math test.  Since the old test is still valid for a year both tests are included in the document.  Also, students will  not be charged for the Learning Module and retakes.  Students must complete 5 hours of the learning module and wait 72 hours before they are allowed to retake the exam.

The updated UIC Math Placement Policy 2016 is also available for reference by advisors.