FOR ADVISORS' INFORMATION: MATH 180 Second Exam results have been distributed to students in the course.

The following information has been provided by the MATH 180 team regarding second exam results and students' approximate standing in MATH 180 because midterm grades did not include the second exam. Students have been emailed individually as well. Please see below for the type of information included in the email to students:

  • The second exam has been graded.
  • Each student should have received a link to their graded exam to view in Crowdmark.
  • Solutions are now posted under
  • Questions or concerns should be directed to with the Crowdmark link to the exam by Wednesday (10/28) at 2:00 p.m.
  • On Blackboard students can see their approximate standing after taking the second exam (Test 1, Test 2, MyMathLab, Written Homework, Pop Quizzes).

Information was also provided to the student about how to look at grade cutoffs and what types of action to take including:

  • Continuing what the student is doing if doing well;
  • Seeking assistance at office hours or in the Math Learning Center if in the C range;
  • Considering whether to withdraw if the student is currently failing the course.