Getting Involved

The OAD Steering Committee leads professional development for advisors and wants you to know that you can get involved. We invite you to join us in planning events for advisors, working on professional development areas such as conference presentations for advisors, or helping to plan the most important week of the year – Advisor Week.

The OAD Steering Committee has 2018 – 2019 Expectations and Policies they’ve agreed upon for their work.

If you are interested in joining one of OAD’s committees, you may contact Joey Volpe (

The planning committees of the OAD Steering Committee from which you can choose are:

Advising Research Group
This group will develop initiatives and activities to create spaces for advisors and advising administrators to interact regarding their research around the theory and practice of advising. This group will encourage advisors interested in learning through conducting advising research to engage together.

Scope of Work: Although still developing, this committee is expected to meet monthly with approximately one to two hours of other work per month. Commitment is steady throughout the year unless an event, meeting, or program is being held.


Advisor Week Planning
This group is responsible for planning the Advisor Week activities including Advisor Conference. Work includes development of events, solicitation of sponsorship/co-sponsorship, handling of logistics, and marketing of events. Planning for advisor gifts includes picking gift, ordering, assembly of gift and distribution. This group is responsible for hosting and attending events during Advisor Week.

The Advisor Conference, as part of Advisor Week, is part of this team’s work. Advisor Conference focused members are responsible for developing and planning the Advisor Conference day during Advisor Week and any associated ramp-up or follow-up events. This includes selecting a conference theme, soliciting advisor presentations, organizing logistics, etc.

Scope of Work: The scope of work here is a monthly meeting for November and December with some outside of meeting work (approximately one hour). In January, February and early March, the committee will meet every other week for one hour and other work is estimated at approximately two hours for Advisor Week preparation. During the week before Advisor Week, there is a final meeting and preparations (approximately 3 hours). During Advisor Week, there is daily participation, logistics, leadership, etc. expected of members.


Brown Bags and Coffee Talks
This group is responsible for organizing small format events other than NACADA webinars and will work with the NACADA Core Competencies Committee and the Advising Research Committee to design brown bags and coffee talks, including topic-based discussions and presentations. One of the primary roles is developing topics relevant to advisors. The work of the subcommittee this year will be to develop a workable structure for small format interactive events that are responsive to initiatives and needs of advisors identified by the Steering Committee.

Scope of Work: The scope of planning is for one brown bag in the fall term and two in the spring term. There will be monthly meetings, attendance at brown bag events and planning with committee members, presenters, etc. The estimated preparation time is approximately two to three hours per event.


Advising Summit Planning Team
This group is responsible for planning the semesterly Advising Summits including developing topics and activities, handling event logistics, and informing stakeholders. Prior to each event, members will assist with preparation including meetings with potential speakers, soliciting background information and providing guidance on possible events/activities. During Summits, this group will assist with logistics and activities. Following each Summit, this group will coordinate events and professional development related to Summit topics.

Scope of Work: In early summer, dates are set. For the Fall, August and September is planning for Fall Summit held in Week 6. For the Spring, January and February is planning for Spring Summit held in Week 6.

Work is concentrated in the eight weeks before each of the Summits: identifying topics, contacting speakers, providing feedback on proposed topics, activities and agenda items. For Fall Summit, topics are identified early summer and work completed in late summer through early fall. For Spring Summit, topics are identified late fall and work begins December through mid-February.


External Conference Participation and Presentations

This new committee group is responsible for providing support and encouragement for advisors to make conference proposals and presentations. Working with Advisor Conference planners and other subcommittees, members will develop strategies and activities to encourage conference participation, presentation, and leadership. Through their work, this group will also identify roadblocks to conference participation and presentations and work with the Steering Committee and OAD Director/Chair to address those roadblocks.

Scope of Work: The full scope of work is being developed with the committee; however, currently for the Spring 2019 term, monthly meetings with approximately one to two hours of other work per month concentrated at intervals throughout the year is the expectation for working with this committee.

Advisor Common Readings
The Tuesday/Thursday Topics Advisor Common Readings deliver a monthly series of advisor-to-advisor discussions. The Common Readings Committee’s Mission Statement that guides their work and discussions is:

The Common Reading Committee aims to cultivate a collaborative and student-centered forum for the exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices while fostering a sense of community among UIC advisors. This advisor-to-advisor opportunity for continued education and networking includes monthly common reading discussions (“Tuesday/Thursday Topics”).

Scope of Work: Planning happens in the summer (June through August) which includes topic selection, identification of discussion leaders, scheduling, etc. There is monthly preparation, which is reading, preparation, and hosting. The peak work times are in the summer other than the steady monthly work of reading meetings.

SPECIAL NOTE on Advisor Common Readings:
We are pleased to also have Advisor Common Readings as part of the OAD Subcommittees; however, the Advisor Common Readings onboards new committee members each spring  semester. At this time, we invite you to participate in the monthly common readings for 2019-2020. Please watch for a call for volunteers for the 2019 – 2020 year this coming March.