FOR YOUR INFORMATION, SHARE WITH STUDENTS: New Summer Tuition and Fee Information

The UIC Summer Session Office is pleased to announce a new rate structure for UIC Summer Session tuition and fees. Effective summer 2016, the undergraduate summer tuition and fees will be charged on a per credit hour basis instead of a range tuition basis.

Summer Session provides an excellent opportunity for students to make progress to graduation or to enroll in a single course. New online courses have been added in 2016 to provide even greater access to UIC courses.

In addition, the Summer Session office is working more closely this year with advisors and faculty to ensure that student course selections align with academic goals. Together these changes will provide UIC and visiting undergraduates with more cost effective opportunities to catch up or get ahead in their studies during the summer months.

Please note: Graduate and Professional Program tuition and fees will continue to be assessed under the range tuition structure in summer. Online programs will continue to be assessed under separate per credit hour rates.

Detailed information about 2016 summer undergraduate tuition and fees