FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: CampusCare Quick Guide and CampusCare Staff can do training for advisors!

Hello Everyone,

If you would like to have CampusCare do a training for staff in your department please contact myself or the general email address. We will be happy to come out and work with your staff in understanding our policies and procedures. Most departments found our trainings to be very helpful in working with their students questions throughout the year.

We have a CampusCare QRG for students. Please print this out to have available if needed. We update this before the beginning of every Academic Year on our website as well at

Contact information for the Department of CampusCare (Please note- this should be the only contact information given to students for our department):

Ph: 312-996-4915 option 1- referrals and hospital transfers

Ph: 312-996-4915 option 2- claims

Ph: 312-996-4915 option 3- Administration (this is the only option for our department here on campus)