SHARE WITH STUDENTS: UPDATE – Student Info Available for download for Career Services’ iFIT Online e-Learning career exploration module for students!

Career Services is pleased to announce that the UIC e-Learning career exploration module, iFIT ONLINE, is now LIVE!

This interactive online career exploration module’s short URL is The location on our website is Please bear in mind that it must be viewed/accessed in the browser INTERNET EXPLORER for full functioning (hours of troubleshooting with Adobe IT has not resolved it and I’ve resigned to using this as the browser of choice).

As we are no longer using FOCUS2, this module serves as an updated, directed, and UIC specific option to replace it.

You can download the advisor’s iFIT ONLINE information included here! An iFIT ONLINE student version is available now!



iFIT ONLINE® is a self-guided, interactive e-learning module for career/major exploration & planning. For maximum accessibility to our unique student population, this tool is accessible 24 / 7 /365 via

iFIT ONLINE® is similar to our in-person iFIT group program, only it is entirely online and accessible to the students who – for various reasons – don’t come in to meet with us. The module is meant to be taken over several weeks in a similar way to a course. There are multiple reflective activities or ”homework” integrated throughout to deepen learning. NOTE: The contract for FOCUS2 – a related tool previously offered – has not been renewed this year, and is no longer available. iFit Online is offered in its place. WHY iFIT ONLINE®?

– Facilitates more appropriate goal setting, academic decision making, and course selection
which heightens commitment, and the probability of retention. (Gardner, 1998, 2003)
– Increases motivation, improves academic achievement, increases retention, and less time
to graduate. (Gillie, S. & Gillie-Isenhour, M., 2005)
– Timely college degree attainment is influenced by the interests / major congruence of
students (Allen, J. & Robbins, S., 2010)

– May use this module/tool in part or in its entirety in a first year experience class
– At the end of the module completion, students will complete a brief survey and
receive a certificate (perfect for tracking engagement/learning)
– As a supplement to one-on-one advising appointments – given as “homework”
to be done between appointments.