Events for Advisors

OAD and Campus Events

The OAD plans, sponsors, and provides information on events both on and off campus that benefit advisors. Events range from training, workshops, presentations to networking events.

Event information is available on our website, but also as posts and through our Advising Weekly Updates. You can see the archive of events that we hosted for 2014-2015 and the 2015 – 2016 calendar of events planned by OAD, sponsored in partnership with other campus programs, or marketed to advisors through our listserv and website.

The Spring 2017 events calendar is updated regularly.  OAD Steering Committee members are securing dates from presenters for monthly brown bags/coffee talks and other activities are being organized and added.

Check back early next week for more info on our fall plans.

Local, Regional, and National Events

In addition to campus-based events, OAD encourages advisors to take advantage of local area events through the Chicago Area Advisor Network (CAAN) and other colleges, universities or programs. We also encourage advisors to take advantage of regional conferences and organizations like ILACADA, the Midwest First-Year Experience organization, or NACADA’s Region V conference. NASPA regional and national events information is also available. Advisors may apply for the UIC Provost’s Professional Development Grant if funds are not available in their unit to attend meetings or conferences. There is a limited amount of funding but the OAD tries to support as many advisors as possible!