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FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: U and I Care Helping Flames Finish Strong!

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware the well-being of UIC students is a top priority, particularly as our students face end of semester demands, and we would like to take this time to once again acknowledge all your efforts as a faculty or staff member in assisting our students who may be experiencing problems and need assistance.  UIC provides a network of support for our students which is not possible without each of you.

The Counseling Center and Dean of Students Office are resources to provide consultation about how best to respond to a student of concern and for the referral of distressed students. If you have a student about whom you are worried, please feel free to call the Counseling Center (312.996.3490) or the Dean of Students Office (312.996.4857) whose professional staff will talk with you about a possible course of action and how best to help your student.

Once again, thank you for your assistance in maintaining and strengthening the network of support for our UIC students. We look forward to the continuation of our strong partnership on behalf of all our students.

Joseph Hermes, Ph.D.
Director, Counseling Center
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Personal Pronouns: he/him/his


  Linda Deanna, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students at UIC

The University of Illinois at Chicago



Download the announcement to share with others.


FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: New M.Ed in Urban Higher Education and a special course for Spring 2019!

New Higher Education Course for Spring 2019  – EDPS 594 “Student, Diversity, Equity, and Access in Urban Higher Education” Download the flyer to share! 

See the update below on the new M.Ed. in Urban Higher Education:

The M.Ed. in Urban Higher Education proposal was approved by the Educational Policy Studies department, and this fall the proposal was approved by the College of Education Educational Programs and Policy Committee. The proposal will now move through the approval process at the UIC campus, University, and Illinois Board of Higher Education levels.  If approved at all levels, we plan to admit our first class of M.Ed. in Urban Higher Education students in the Fall semester of 2019.

The M.Ed. in Urban Higher Education is a 36-hour program that has a 20 hour set of core required courses.  The program’s urban focus will give it a unique perspective in comparison with leading programs throughout the country.  This program will explore issues within the academy related to, and informed by, the urban context.  Given the program’s urban and leadership focus, six key themes guide the program:

  • The urban context is key and underscores an emphasis on specific complex challenges and opportunities
  • Building and maintaining equity and authentic diversity in higher education is essential
  • Everyone in the organization is a leader, change agent and advocate who contributes to the continued improvement and advancement of the institution
  • Principled leadership and ethical behavior are the foundation for sound professional practice
  • Teamwork and collaboration are crucial for continuous organizational improvement and advancement
  • Best practice in higher education requires evidence-based and data-informed decision-making


Through 16 hours of elective courses, students may choose an area of emphasis in (1) Leadership, Governance, Organization and Policy, or (2) Institutional Research for Decision Making.  Ideally, students will begin with the Urban Higher Education Organization and Context course as an introductory seminar and complete the program with the internship (if needed) and culminating seminar, designed to help students make connections between their professional interests and academic studies, and between theory and practice.  Students may take the remaining core courses and 16 hours of elective/area of emphasis courses as their schedules allow.  If you have interest in learning more about the proposed program, please contact me at

Please note that I have also included a flyer for a higher education focused course that will be offered this Spring 2019 term by Dr. Mark Martell.  If you are not a current UIC student and would like to register for the course, please contact Claire Grimmenga at

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Your feedback is needed on the new Course Evaluation Website by 11/27!

Dear Academic Advisors,

Hope this email finds you well!

Your thoughts and input are needed regarding a new initiative out of the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (OVPFA).

A few years ago, UIC’s Student Government requested that an official resource be developed that shared results from the Student Evaluation of Teaching Program or Course Evaluations. This resource would serve a similar function as the “Rate My Professor” website yet service only UIC users and include a standardized set of questions.

As a response, OVPFA and ACCC teamed up to develop a website that publishes results for all courses using the same 5 survey items with the exception of the following courses:

  • Due to FERPA laws, no instructors who are also enrolled as students at UIC will be published (e.g. TA’s, adjunct, etc.)
  • Any course with less than 10 respondents

At your earliest convenience, please take a look at the website and let me know your thoughts and suggestions for how to frame this resource to the students. Please provide feedback no later than Tuesday November 27th.  Our aim is to have the website shared with the students on Thursday December 13th (after the Fall 2018 course evaluation period closes).

When accessing the site, you will need to enter your UIC netid and password.

Thank you so much for your time and attention!

Kind regards,


Kimberly Rivas
Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: A new minor in Life Science Visualization beginning January 2019


“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe. But a drawing is worth a lot more than a mere photo.
For a drawing is a thoughtful picture. It is really the visualization not just of what there is, but of what matters.”
Alva Noë, 2017

Life science visualization is the important process of interpreting or translating science into visible form, and it is becoming a critical link in the bridge between information and knowledge in the 21st Century.

Students who excel in visual problem-solving and value their curiosity in science can learn how to harness digital media technology to create dynamic works of art that advance understanding. Three-dimensional visualizations with interactive and motion media, virtual and augmented reality, educational games, as well as more traditional two-dimensional illustrations, are all being used today to communicate discovery and accelerate education in the life sciences.

The Minor in Life Science Visualization will empower students who wish to complement a major area of study with concentrated study in science visualization for personal development and the expansion of career opportunities. As an interdisciplinary study, life science visualization has relevance to many disciplines including anthropology, art, biochemistry, bioengineering, biological sciences, chemistry, graphic design, integrated health studies, neuroscience, nursing, nutrition science and public health. Those who can leverage both their knowledge and artistic skill to visualize science will have an advantage when presenting their research or seeking employment.

Download the information on the minor to share with students and view the undergraduate catalog for more information.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Career Services Request for Student Stories – due 11/9!

Dear Colleagues –

UIC is currently completing its analysis and reporting of First Destination Survey data for the Class of 2018 and will begin collecting survey data for the Class of 2019.  The First Destination Survey represents a strategic institutional effort to collect and communicate information regarding how UIC bachelor’s degree graduates fare in their “career outcomes” within six months of graduation.  For details about the Class of 2017 First Destination Outcomes Survey results, please refer to the graduate/alumni reports in the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) website (link).

Over the last two academic years, Career Services has featured recent graduates representing different successful journeys to their post-graduation outcomes in the Career Services website.  Career Services would similarly seek to capture the success stories of Class of 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the diverse outcomes of UIC graduates and their journeys in achieving their career goals.  To that end, we would like your assistance in nominating December graduates from the Class of 2019 who have successfully achieved or are in the process of fulfilling their post-graduation plans.  These students’ success stories would be featured on the Career Services website and in different communication vehicles.

We are seeking Class of 2019 graduates who have successfully secured a career outcome, which may include continuing education at a graduate level, employment, military service, or volunteer/service program.  We ask that you consider graduates who represent the diversity of our campus and different career outcome(s).   Please send your nominations by completing a short submission form by November 9.

Based on submissions, students will be selected to be showcased in First Destination Class of 2019 internal marketing materials and external communications to the community-at-large.

We are excited about the opportunity to share our graduates’ outcomes.  If you have feedback or questions regarding this process, please contact Tatjana Rapajic (


Thy Nguyen and Tatjana Rapajic

Thy Nguyen
Executive Director
Career Center / Student Affairs
University of Illinois at Chicago
P: 312-996-2300

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Materials from our Student Financial Matters Training 2.0 held 10/26/18 – now available in BOX!

Thank you to the Office of Student Financial and University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) who presented our training Student Financial Matters 2.0 on October 26th.

This half-day professional development opportunity was designed to take the next step in developing advisors’ knowledge about financials (financial aid, billing, payment plans, etc.) and their intersection with advising and students’ academic circumstances. The half-day included presentations from both offices and interactive case studies. Download the materials in a special BOX folder:

  • Agenda
  • Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Presentation
  • University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations
  • Case Studies

This training was designed specifically for our UIC advising community by our partners with the assistance of OAD Steering Committee members Jennifer Juarez (LARES) and Katie Michel (LAS). Many thanks to everyone!

Watch for our OAD survey to collect feedback from attendees and solicit further questions from advisors.

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: New DES 110 Design Inclusion (1 credit elective)

Let your students know about the new DES 110 – Dseign Inclusion course – a 1 credit elective.

Design discourse has long been dominated by an important but limited roster of figures and techniques such as William Morris and the Arts & Crafts’ celebration of handicraft, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and the Bauhaus’s embrace of the machine, and Ettore Sottsas and the Memphis group’s fascination with laminates.

Students in this course will explore a range of groups and events beyond that canon with the aim of constructing a more diverse and heterogenous understanding of the past, present, and future of design practice.
For questions, please contact Kevin Strickland at

SHARE WITH STUDENTS/FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Title IX Training for Fall 2018 new students who haven’t completed training is EXTENDED.

ATTENTION – The Title IX Training system is currently down for maintenance and the situation is being monitored. We will communicate the new training deadline once it has been set.

All students are required to complete Title IX Training and for new Fall 2018 students (at all levels) there will be holds placed on their accounts on October 16th if they have not yet completed their Title IX Training. These holds will prevent registration for Spring 2018. The holds are being administered by the UIC Office of Access and Equity.

Following is information to keep in mind –

  1. The Office of Access and Equity is contacting all new students who have not completed their Title IX training this afternoon. The goal for this email is to prevent as many holds as possible before holds get added next week. Download the text of the communication to the student –;
  2. The hold is called “TIX Hold” in SOAHOLD in Banner;
  3. The hold will appear to students “TIX Hold – please contact the Office of Access and Equity” and will have the OAE phone number;
  4. The office staff in OAE will not be automatically notified that the training has been completed. Students will need to contact the Office of Access and Equity (OAE) to get their hold removed once training has been completed;
  5. The holds will take 24 – 72 hours to be removed based upon demand (number of phone calls and emails) and how the student makes contact;
  6. The link to the trainings are in my.UIC on the Student Tab or directly at the following links based upon the student’s level –
    1. Undergraduate Student: (Firefox or Internet Explorer) through the following link:
    2. Graduate/Professional Student: (Firefox or Internet Explorer) through the following link:
  1. The OAE staff prefer email for contact to their listserv so there is a record and it can be addressed by any staff member –
  2. There are students who are exempt from the training. If you are communicating with all of your new students before holds have been placed next Tuesday, please note in your communication that if the student has arranged for an exemption, they may disregard the notification. All new students who have been exempted will not have holds placed on October 16th. If a student who needs to be exempt has not already made arrangements, they can contact the Office of Access and Equity.


SHARE WITH STUDENTS: LAS has launched its new Career Development website!

It is my pleasure to introduce our new LAS Career Development website to you!

We are proud to launch our new website and share this resource with our students and greater UIC community.

We invite you to access and explore each landing page and subcomponents of the website so you are familiar with the navigation.

As our site is meant to be one of discovery and exploration for students, it was the hope and intention to create a visually strong website that is not only informative but is equally engaging, interactive, and sparks a sense of excitement, curiosity, and understanding of interests and how that could support major decision making and further exploration of career paths.

Thank You,

Gina Anselmo
Director, Career Development and Major Exploration

Academic Advising Center
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The University of Illinois at Chicago
601 S. Morgan Street
University Hall, 5th Floor, UH519
Chicago, IL. 60607
312.413.8577 (fax)

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Banner 9 Upgrade Advice – Email #3

This is the third email in a series to prepare you for the Banner 9 upgrade. If you miss or delete an email, a PDF of all of the email communications are on the Office of Student Systems Services website ( on the Banner 9 tab.

What are we doing to help with this transition?

What are we doing to help with this transition?

  1. The OSSS website ( has been updated to include Banner 9 information. All of the documents have been updated for Banner 9.  There are documents for the various college and department processes.
  2. A reminder that training will be conducted for the following areas:
    1. Schedule Planners: Beginning in September there will be training for all of the schedule planners.  Sign up will start on September 21 through the OSSS website.
    2. SZACURU: College staff who make curriculum changes will have a training/overview session(s) after the October 14th go live.  Sign up will be late September through the OSSS website.
    3. Graduation Processing: College staff who process graduation applications for students will be offered training/overview sessions in November. An email to sign up through the OSSS website will be sent mid-late October.

What do you need to do this week to prepare for Banner 9?

  1. This week log into the Banner 9 playground that AITS has set up.  The URL is
  2. You should begin now to use the query functions in Banner 9.   You need to learn the navigation functions when the query returns large number of records.    Some sample forms:
    1. Section Planners: SSASECT – Enter the term, next to the CRN click on the “… “.  Enter a term (220188), click on add another field, select subject and enter “CHEM”. Click on add another filed, select course and enter “122”. Click go
    2. Student Users:  Go to the SPAIDEN form.  Click on “…” next to the id field. Click on Person Search.  Enter the last name “Patel” and click Go.
    3. Navigating lists:  For items “a” and “b” only a set number of records will display. You can navigate to other records by using the arrow buttons or entering a record number in the box.  Try both of these methods to navigate through the records. You can change the number of records per page by clicking on the number in the box and selecting a new record number display.
  3. This week’s tips:  The keystroke to move to the next block has changed from Ctrl-Page Down to Alt-Page Down.  There is the ability to search for a page by description rather than needing to know the 7 character page name.  The Search function is the magnifying glass on the left hand side of the webpage.


OSSS will be sending email each week with advice to help you prepare for Banner 9.  You should spend at least an hour per week learning about Banner to prepare for the October 14 go live date.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Mike Kamowski

Executive Director

Office of Student Systems Services