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FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Pending Graduation Holds and taking classes beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Please see the notes below from the Registrar and information provided for summer registration options by Summer Session. From the Registrar:


I wanted to send a refresher about Pending Graduation Holds.  The Office of the Registrar places Pending Graduation Holds each spring prior to summer and fall registration on undergraduate students’ accounts who have a pending (PN “Outcome Status” in SHADGMQ).  Undergraduate students can and do run into a variety of problems when they future register past their graduating term.  Some students walk away and end up with F’s and in collections for courses they never attended.  Additionally, financial aid should not cover study beyond the first bachelor’s degree.  Also, graduated undergraduate students take precious seats from others.  Students should be directed to complete an application for graduate non-degree study or apply to a graduate program if they haven’t done so already.

Importantly, anyone with the ability to lift a College Advising Hold, can lift the Pending Graduation Hold.  Assistant Registrar Sonia Rincon is listed as the UserID; however, college staff have the best insight into whether a student did not or will not graduate or is admitted or needs to apply for a graduate or professional program of study.

The hold is described at the Registrar’s webpage: Pending Graduation Registration Hold

“Undergraduates who have submitted an Intent to Graduate will have a Pending Graduation Registration Hold placed to prevent registration for future terms.  This hold can be lifted by a college advisor.  College policies vary in regard to allowing students to register beyond the initial bachelor’s degree.  Contact with an advisor is needed when an undergraduate degree is to be earned and registration is sought for future terms.  Please note that students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may only have their hold lifted if they cancel their intent to graduate.”

I hope this is useful and your summer is going well!


Robert R. Dixon, J.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607

From Summer Session:

In addition to applying for graduate non-degree study, there is one more option.

If a graduating undergrad wants to enroll only in undergrad courses in the summer to prepare for a graduate program, they can be directed to complete the Summer Session Only (SSO) application. This will admit them a non-degree undergraduate for the summer only.

The advantages of this option are that students will pay an undergraduate tuition rate rather than a graduate tuition rate for those undergraduate courses (since they are assessed based on their student status rather than the course level). The SSO application also has a later deadline (1 week before each summer session rather than April 15 for grad non-degree). The disadvantages are that the student is only admitted for the summer term.

You can find more information about the Summer Session Only application on the Summer Session website:

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Preferred First Name is not used on Diplomas or Transcripts

Dear Advisors:

As we approach the end of the semester, questions regarding diploma names arise.  Preferred First Name has been in use at UIC for some time, and I wanted to communicate on a few important things.

  • Preferred First Name will not appear on the diploma.
  • Preferred First Name will not appear on the academic transcript.

We use the Legal First and Last Name, with Legal Middle Initial, on the diploma.  Students can request certain adjustments to a legal name.  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Diplomas can be found at  Our Records Department at 312=996-4381 is a resource for questions on diploma processing.

The University of Illinois Preferred First Name Statement can be found at

With text pasted below.

Thanks for the guidance you provide to students as they complete their studies at UIC.


Rob Dixon

Preferred First Name Statement

What is my preferred first name, and how can I set or change it?

Students may designate a preferred first name*, which certain University systems will then use. These systems include class rosters, the display name in Banner Self-Service, and the display name in a number of learning management systems (e.g., Blackboard, Compass, and Moodle), most online phone directories, and on the University i-card. The University will also retain your full legal name, which is used when required by the University, such as in tax documents, contracts, academic transcripts, diplomas, and certain health records. For further details (including information about surname changes), students can refer to the Office of the Registrar.

To set or change your preferred first name:

  • Students: Using campus portal or other resources, enter Banner Student Self-Service and under Personal Information options, select Preferred First Name.  Follow prompts.

Acceptable uses of preferred first names include:

  • A middle name instead of first name
  • An abbreviated name (Rob instead of Robert, Manny instead of Emmanuel)
  • An Americanized name (Wendy instead of Haiyan)
  • A name to which you are in the process of legally changing
  • A name that better represents your gender identity

You may not use your preferred first name to misrepresent who you are, nor may you use any profane or offensive language in your preferred first name. Your preferred first name is subject to approval by University administration, and those who intentionally misuse the preferred first name option may be subject to disciplinary action.

A preferred first name may take several days to appear in all systems that display preferred first names.

*Note:  UIC undergraduates have the option of setting a preferred first name during the application process and the preferred first name will carry forward to University systems.

NOMINATE STUDENTS: Student Success Stories needed for Career Services’ First Destination Initiative by 4/16

Dear Colleagues –

UIC is currently completing its analysis and reporting of First Destination Survey data for the Class of 2017 and collecting survey data for the Class of 2018.  The First Destination Survey represents a strategic institutional effort to collect and communicate information regarding how UIC bachelor’s degree graduates fare in their careers (“career outcomes”) within six months of graduation.  For details about the Class of 2016 First Destination Outcomes Survey results, please refer to the summary report in the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) website.

In spring 2018, Career Services will be releasing survey results for the Class of 2017.   Earlier this fiscal year, Career Services featured Class of 2016/2017 graduates representing different successful journeys to their post-graduation outcomes in the Career Services website.  For the Class of 2018 graduates, Career Services would like to similarly capture the success stories of UIC bachelor’s degree graduates.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the diverse outcomes of UIC graduates and their journeys in achieving their career goals.  To that end, we would like your assistance in nominating graduates from the Class of 2018 who have successfully achieved or are in the process of fulfilling their post-graduation plans to be showcased as student success stories.   

W are seeking the names and contact information of Class of 2018 graduates who have successfully secured a career outcome, which may include employment, military service, volunteer/service program, and/or continuing education at a graduate level.  We ask that you consider graduates who represent the diversity of our campus and different career outcome(s).   Please send your nominations by completing a short submission form by April 16.

Based on submissions, students will be selected to be showcased in First Destination internal marketing materials and external communications to the community-at-large.  Career Services will also be hosting a recognition event in May/June for profiled graduates to further recognize and celebrate their achievements.

We are excited about the opportunity to share our graduates’ outcomes.  If you have feedback or questions regarding this process, please contact Tatjana Rapajic (


Thy Nguyen and Tatjana Rapajic

FOR EARLY ALERTS INSTRUCTORS – Quick Tips Navigating to Faculty Feedback for Entering Alerts in First-Year Writing and Foreign Language Courses

Having trouble getting to Faculty Feedback to enter your Early Alerts? Here are some quick tips to get into the system:

Download the Step-by-Step Instructions with screenshots but here are some quick tips for getting to Faculty Feedback to do Early Alerts:

  1. Log into the my.UIC portal by using sign-in at the top right.
  2. When you log in you will be on the Welcome Tab. Stay on that tab.
  3. Scroll down on the left (if you’re on a computer or larger tablet) or keep scrolling down on a phone or smaller tablet. In the middle of the page just above Approve On-line Grade Change you will see a button called Employee and Faculty Staff Service.
  4. Click on Employee and Faculty Staff Service.
  5. Once you click there, you should be sent to the familiar screens of Faculty Self-Service and can navigate to Faculty Feedback.

For your reference, there is an Information for Faculty Website with downloadable instructions and links to complete alerts. 

Please let us know if you have questions regarding entering alerts. Contact Joey Volpe at


Students studying abroad in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 accessed an all-time high in external and internal scholarship and grant funding of $649,018. A portion of this amount was almost $210,000 in competitive scholarship awards, including over $46,000 in nationally competitive awards like the Gilman International Scholarship. 45% of these semester study abroad students were Pell eligible. The Study Abroad Office will continue to hold scholarship essay writing workshops. The schedule is on our website at

In addition to our regular portfolio of over 200 program tracks/opportunities, for summer 2018 we are collaborating with faculty on 9 excellent short-term summer programs they will lead for UIC students. These can be found on our website at: There are information sessions being held for many of these and that schedule is on our main web page.

The SAO program portfolio includes 6 ‘models’ of study abroad programming. They each offer different academic and student support structures in addition to internship and undergraduate research opportunities. Part of our advising process is to ensure that every student finds the best fit for their expectations and academic needs. The dozen exchange programs we manage are one model where there is a specific financial advantage for students to apply tuition waivers and/or veteran’s benefits to the cost of the program. Students who have either of these should be encouraged to talk with an SAO advisor.

The final application deadline for summer and fall programs is March 16th. Some programs may have earlier deadlines. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact any SAO staff person with questions or concerns.

Thanks for your collaboration and support!

Chris Deegan
Executive Director, Study Abroad

Message to the Advising Community: Tracy Robinson – In Memoriam

Dear Advising Community Members,

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you of the passing of one of our valued advising community members. Tracy Robinson from the Port Academic Center in Athletics passed away on Sunday, January 14th. Tracy worked with students on the swimming and diving teams, and the tennis teams, and many of you have partnered together with her in her dedicated work to ensure their success.

A wonderful article about Tracy, her contributions to UIC and throughout her career can be found on the Athletics website:

Our thoughts are with Tracy’s loved ones, our students, and our Athletics colleagues at this difficult time. Memorial services will be held in both Chicago and Tracy’s home state of Kansas, and we will share more information as it becomes available.

Best wishes,



FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Nominations for Chancellor’s Student Service & Leadership Awards (CSSLA) opens January 16th

The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement will be opening the nomination site for the 2018 Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards (CSSLA) on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Please consider nominating the outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have given their time and talent to campus and community that you would like to nominate.

Following are the awards that are presented as part of CSSLA:

Chancellor’s Student Service Award
(for volunteer service)

The Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSA) honors students who have made an outstanding contribution to the University through service to campus and the UIC community.  Student nominees must have dedicated a significant amount of time, effort, and creativity to one or more campus- or community-based service project(s).  Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students must:

  • be enrolled during the academic year in which the award is received;
  • be in good academic standing (with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5);
  • have volunteered in a campus and/or community service organization; and
  • have made significant, unpaid contributions to their organization.

Nominators should list specifics about the student’s contribution to the campus and/or community and highlight any leadership positions/offices held by the nominee. Approximately 400 UIC students receive this award each year.

Eugertha Bates Memorial Award
(for humanitarian commitment)

The Eugertha Bates Memorial Award (EBMA) honors a student whose volunteer activities in a campus or community setting demonstrate an outstanding degree of caring dedication, selfless commitment, and a truly exceptional humanitarian contribution to the needs of others. Nominations for this award must include a detailed description of the uniqueness and significance of the nominee’s humanitarian service and the impact on the campus/community through his/her episodic or ongoing service.

Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award
(for creativity/innovation/length of service)

The Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award honors students whose volunteer activity substantially addresses a distinct need in the community along with inspiring others to engage in volunteer service. Individual recipients must have been involved in the creation of a new project or service to address such a need, and must demonstrate the highest level of dedication and selfless commitment to volunteer service. Nominators should list specifics about the student’s contribution to the campus and/or community.

Activities Honorary Society
The Activities Honorary Society (AHS) honors no more than 15 exemplary students each year for their demonstrated student leadership. Founded in 1950 by student leaders at the University of Illinois Undergraduate Division at Navy Pier, AHS is one of two traditions remaining from the original campus.

The various awards will be presented to invited recipients at the 46th Annual Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards Ceremony, scheduled for the evening of Thursday, April 19, 2018 in the Illinois Room at Student Center East. Recipients will be recognized individually throughout the program and their nominator will be invited to attend.

For additional information, visit the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement at


We know advisors often get questions from students, so we’re pleased to provide you with information on a new LAS Online Pathways program for prospective students:

New Non-Degree Program: LAS Online Pathways

  • The program is currently NOT open to degree-seeking UIC students, but is intended for prospective students who are considering UIC for an online completion program or an on-campus degree program.
  • The program offers General Education classes across the disciplines in a completely online format
  • Courses are offered in 8-week and 16-week session for Fall, Spring and Summer
  • Upcoming Spring courses start on January 17 and March 12
  • Students earn UIC credit and receive a UIC transcript
  • The program is offered by LAS in collaboration with UIC Extended Campus
  • More details at:

ADVISOR NEWS: Congratulate our 2017 CAPE and Award of Merit winners!

We are very pleased to congratulate three of our valued members of the advising community on the recognition of their dedication, contributions to UIC and their community, and overall excellence.

Eileen Doran, College of Applied Health Sciences – Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Award

Luis Duarte, Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES) – Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Award

Carmen Garza, Career Services, Award of Merit

We hope that you were able to see Carmen, Eileen, and Luis as they were honored this past week at the 2017 Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony. Congratulation Carmen, Eileen, and Luis!

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: New my.UIC Portal for Faculty and Staff is now live!

The new my.UIC Portal is live for all users (students, faculty, and staff). The web page has been changed so that all users can access the new version.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have bookmarks in the old portal, you must move them to the new portal by November 10th and instructions are included on the website.