ALEKS Math Placement Fall 2015 Update

UIC will no longer pay for learning modules or math placement test retakes for students in placing in Math 075/090/118; however, students will still have the opportunity to take the test twice.

Students can take the ALEKS (Math) test twice. There will be a charge for the second test. The student must pay $30 for the learning module.  Students placing in Math 075/090/118 will have access after reaching 70%  mastery of the Learning Module and can retake the test after paying $10.  Students placing in Math 121/125/165 or STAT 101 are also required to pay the $30 for the learning module but will have access to the retake by paying the $10.00 fee without reaching a specific mastery level.

Please contact Florencio Diaz ( if you have questions.