2014 – 2015 Events for Advisors

The UARC plans, sponsors, and provides information on events both on and off campus that benefit advisors. Events range from training, workshops, presentations to networking events.

This past year we’ve supported a wide variety of events for UIC advisors providing them with a chance to learn, network, and support the UIC community:

Event Date Host/Sponsor
Advisors Who Teach First-Year Seminar Courses 8/7/2014 First-Year Seminar Advisors
WISE Open House – Meet the Outreach Director 8/26/2014 WISE
Business Learning Center (BLC) Open House 9/17/2014 College of Business Academic Programs
Midwest First Year Experience Conference 9/19/2014 Midwest First Year Conference
Tuesday Topics: Soft Addiction 9/30/2014 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
NACADA Annual Conference 10/8/2014 – 10/11/2014 NACADA
Veterans Reading Group Meeting 1 10/15/2014 Veterans Reading Group Steering Committee
Thursday Topics: Mental Health Issues 10/23/2014 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
Honors College Fall Advisor Breakfast 10/24/2014 Honors College
Pop-Up Pantry Food Drive 11/19/2014 – 11/20/2014 Wellness Center, USG
Veterans Reading Group Meeting 2 11/19/2014 Veterans Reading Group Steering Committee
Fall Advising Summit 11/20/2014 UARC, VPUA
Pop-Up Pantry Grand Opening 11/21/2014 Wellness Center, USG
Veterans of Freedom Summer Lecture 11/24/2014 Honors College
Tuesday Topics: Adult Learners 11/25/2014 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
OSSP New Space Open House 1/22/2015 OSSP
Thursday Topics: Conversational Advising 1/29/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
UARC Brown Bag – Sharing Advising News from Across the Nation 2/4/2015 UARC
Tuesday Topics: Women in STEM 2/24/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
UARC Brown Bag: NACADA Webinar “Advising Strategies for Students on Probation” 3/3/2015 UARC
Spring 2015 Advising Summit 3/13/2015 UARC, VPUA
Honors College Spring Breakfast (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/24/2015 Honors College
Recreation Center Climbing Wall (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/24/2015 UARC
UARC Brown Bag – Follow Up to NACADA Webinar (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/25/2015 UARC
Seed Planting (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/25/2015 UARC
Advisors Networking Event (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/25/2015 UARC
Scholarship Advising (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/26/2015 UARC
Thursday Topics: Technology (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/26/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
Painting Class (ADVISOR WEEK) 3/26/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
Workshop on International Students 3/30/2015 OIS
Know Your IX Training #1 4/21/2015 UARC, Access and Equity
UARC Brown Bag Event: NACADA Webinar “Advising and Social Justice” 4/23/2015 UARC
UARC Brown Bag: NACADA Follow-Up Discussion 4/29/2015 UARC
Thursday Topics: Adult Learners 4/30/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
Know Your IX Training #2 5/1/2015 UARC, Access and Equity
CAN Workshops 5/26/2015 UARC
Thursday Topics: Male Students 5/28/2015 Tuesday/Thursday Topics
Know Your IX Training #3 6/17/2015 UARC