Advisor Week

Advisor Week is one of the best weeks of the year!

(March 26th – March 30th, 2018)

Advisor Week is an appreciation and professional development week dedicated to advisors and happens during UIC’s Spring Break each year. OAD is pleased to partner together with colleges and units across campus to feature our own advisors presenting their knowledge and work, show advisors ways to empower themselves, bring creative and fun skill building sessions, and provide a number of opportunities to network and get to know each other better.

This year’s Sixth Annual Advisor Week was held March 26th through March 30th with fourteen different events over five days! The events ranged from unique events like the roundtable discussions of Poster without the Poster, Advisor Common Readings, our Advisor Conference (advising community presentations) to our give yourself a break activities like our Painting Pottery Class to Lagunitas Brewery Tour to our special networking and social events.  We were excited to be able to feature the Student Success Research Lecture in our activities and that we got to see the latest webinar on the Conceptual Competencies from the new NACADA Core Competencies Model!

There was something to keep everyone interested!

Check out our full schedule of events and the documents included from this year!

Here’s some pics from last year’s Advisor Week!

See us at the beginning of our kickoff Poster without the Poster Discussion Table Event!      

Did you get your t-shirt from our OAD Steering Committee Members at our kickoff?    

Or watch us at our Advisor Conference…  and lunch  


Painting anyone?                                      

How about a reading discussion and lunch…        

Baseball anyone?               

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