Advisor Training

The Office for Advising Development, in partnership with the SSI Collaboration in Advising Project Team, is developing a new advisor orientation for all new advisors on campus. In coordination with new advisor orientation, the OAD hosts trainings and workshops for all current advisors.

Ongoing Training

Check back for a full list of training topics covered at new advisor orientation, but a highlight of recent offerings in training and workshops for current advisors from 2015 – 2016 are:

“Know Your IX for Advisors” offered by Rebecca Gordon, UIC Title IX Coordinator

“Study Abroad Workshop for Advisors” offered by Chris Deegan, Director of the UIC Study Abroad Office

“Disability Resource Center and Advising” brown bag offered by the Disability Resource Center Staff

“UARC Workshop on Math, Chemistry, and Physics Changes” offered by OAD and the Department of Math, Statistics, and Computer Science

Customized Training

In addition to training and workshops offered or sponsored by OAD at set dates and times throughout the year, the OAD also customizes trainings for individual units and individuals upon request.

Trainings organized by OAD can cover a wide range of topics. To assist units and individuals interested in a customized training option, a general list of training topics is downloadable for reference.

For more information on training customized to your needs, please contact Josephine Volpe, Director of the Office for Advising Development at