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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Student Legal Services has two new immigration attorneys! SAVE the DATE for the OAD Brown Bag on 1/10!

SAVE THE DATE: OAD Brown Bag with Student Legal Services on January 10th 2018 at 12:00 p.m.!

STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES is pleased to announce our new immigration staff attorneys, Rocio S. Becerril and Bonita Cho.

UIC’s Student Legal Services (SLS) is a full-service law office dedicated to providing legal solutions for currently enrolled students.  SLS can help you in legal matters, including:

  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Expungement of Records
  • Family Law
  • Some Criminal Matters
  • Traffic Issues
  • Orders of Protection
  • Employment Agreements
  • Immigration (new)

Our service is free for currently-registered students, because it is paid for with Student Fees.  If you have a legal concern, make an appointment to come speak with us.  We assure you that your communication with us will be completely confidential.

To make an appointment or to visit Student Legal Services, please call 312-996-9214 or visit us

Download the flyer and post it for your students…


SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Spring 2018 ART 382 Topics in Art sections open to non-Art majors

There are two sections of ART 382 Topics in Art that are open to non-Art majors. These courses are most appropriate for juniors and seniors. Students should email me with their full name, UIN number, and the name of the course they want with CRNs for departmental approval-

ART 382 Topics in Art: Prison Aesthetics and Policy T/Th 1-3:40 pm CRNs 40694/40695
This class will develop aesthetic and political approaches to study the Illinois carceral landscape, particularly the state prison system. Through theoretical readings and engaged research, we will consider the daily life of prisoners, including sensory experiences, movements, schedules, and sense of time passing. We will learn about the prison administration: the para-military structure, the bureaucracy, and the prison
labor dynamic. We will examine the social and political relations between prison staff, legislators, advocates, family members, and prisoners, and the systems of classification and identification used by each. The course is designed to consider how all these factors construct public understandings of the carceral state, and how that bears on public policy. Students may apply their work to current advocacy efforts, including: prisoner re-entry, parole for long-term prisoners, banning the box from college applications, responses to sexual offending, and the phenomenon of public conviction registries.

ART 382 Topics in Art: Gaming the Apocalypse T/Th 4-6:40 pm CRNs 35273/35274
Now that climate change is widely recognized as a cataclysmic force brought on by human activity, all human pursuits must be critically examined through the lens of the Anthropocene as a matter of survival. Historically, gamin has offered play as a method to model collaborative modes of survival; simulating the devastating human impact on the world biome offers players a dizzying array of apocalyptic scenarios in which to experiment, cooperate with others, and manage resources to maximize positive outcomes. How can we harness these skills- or “game the system”- to imagine our best possible future(s)? How might we shape new games that critique and impact culture, offering solutions to living and performing in the Anthropocene? This course will explore how game design and play are uniquely situated to explore the long-term implications of human activity in relation to ecological crisis, and prototype collaborative approaches wo survival-“win states”- that offer unique solutions. Some class topics include Video Game Art Gallery exhibitions; collaborative play; the relationship between rules and creativity; survivalist subcultures and resource management games; worlds simulators and MMORPGs as models of real-world collapse: critical discourse of “casual” games and psychological conditions; Alternate Reality Games and augmented reality.

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Interested in a degree in nutrition? Information Session on Nutrition Programs at UIC

Interested in a degree in nutrition?

Join our monthly information session to learn more about a career in nutrition, the requirements for the nutrition programs at UIC, and our programs and curriculum.

Info session dates, all sessions begin at 5:30pm:
Monday, December 4th, 2017
Monday, February 5th, 2018
Monday, March 5th, 2018

Applied Health Science Building
1919 West Taylor, room 607

No reservation necessary.

For more information, please visit:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: 2018 Provost’s Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award Nominations now OPEN!

Award nominations are due THIS THURSDAY – don’t wait! Nominate an advisor today!

Know a great advisor at UIC? Take a minute to recognize them! 

Calling for nominees for the Provost’s Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award

What is the Provost’s Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award?

A recognition of individuals who demonstrate excellence, commitment and dedication to advising undergraduate student at UIC. All nominees will be recognized during Advisor Week (3/26/2018-3/29/2018) and up to three individuals will be awarded a monetary prize from the Provost.

 Who should be nominated?  

Any non-faculty professional who demonstrates excellence, commitment and dedication to advising undergraduate students at UIC.

Who can nominate?

Anyone including individuals themselves! Students, faculty and staff are able to submit a nomination.

How to nominate?

Visit and tell us how the nominee demonstrates excellence in advising.  There is no limit to the number of nominees submitted.  

What’s the deadline?

February 1st2018