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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: UIC ADVISOR CONFERENCE (March 22nd) call for proposals is open and due Monday, February 8th!

Share Your Ideas!

Dear Advising Colleagues,

As part of Advisor Week, UARC will host our annual Advisor Conference on Tuesday, March 22nd on the themes of thriving and development.  The purpose of this conference is to provide a professional development opportunity to advisors across campus by sharing their knowledge in a presentation/workshop or by attending presentations to improve their own practice.

We encourage you to submit presentation/workshop proposals to and by Monday, February 8th.  Presentations should last 50 minutes and relate to the themes of thriving and development in advising – either student-focused, advisor-focused, or both.  Proposals should be ½-1 page double-spaced and include the names of the presenters, an abstract of the presentation, and an informal literature review.

We look forward to your responses!

Take care,

The UARC Advisor Conference Subcommittee

FOR ADVISORS INFORMATION: Reminder – Army ROTC students will be coming in weeks 1 and 2 to complete their 104R forms. Things to keep in mind…

Army ROTC Cadet Command wants to remind you that your students who are ROTC cadets will be coming in for approvals for their 104R “Roadmap to Graduation” forms over the next two weeks. Please keep in mind the following details related to completing 104R forms:

  1. Forms should already be completed by the student before the student provides the 104R to his or her advisor for signature. The student may have questions, but a reasonably complete 104R is what an advisor should expect. New cadets may need more assistance than a returning cadet in completing a 104R but new cadets should have at least attempted to complete the document. Advisors are not expected to assist a student who submits a blank 104R for approval unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
  2. In the case of a cadet who has a significant challenge with regard to completing their 104R and further discussion is necessary, extensions from Army ROTC Cadet Command can be requested by the cadet. Advisors should feel comfortable suggesting this action if the conversation and 104R cannot be completed/approved in the allotted time during a walk-in or appointment in the first ten days of class.
  3. When completing a 104R, a cadet must choose specific classes for electives. A 104R that includes entries such as “elective” or “major elective” will not be accepted by Cadet Command. The 104 is completed every semester so advisors can confidently assure a student that they can change their mind with regard to their future elective courses, but specific courses must be entered.


ROTC has provided advisors with two references related to the 104R that are given to students:



For advisors’ reference, Army ROTC cadets can be identified now in Banner in the SGASADD screen with the attribute 2RTC. In DARS, advisors should look for MILS courses in the student’s record.

Please contact for questions.

SHARE WITH STUDENTS: 2016 Summer Course Preview now available!

UIC Summer Session can be the resource your students need to get ahead, catch up, finish in four. Check out the 2016 UIC Summer Session preview of courses now.  The full course schedule will be available on January 19.

The 2016 Summer Session dates are:
4-week session: May 16 – June 10
8-week session: June 13 – August 5

Questions? Comments? Contact Natalie Kokorudz at 3-9075 or

UARC Daily News: Using the PEACE Approach for stress management. An article from NACADA’s ACADEMIC ADVISING TODAY

Have you seen NACADA’s December Academic Advising Today? If not, take a look at the articles. Today, we’re highlighting one of them “The PEACE Approach for Balance and Stress Management” by Rebecca Hapes, Chair of the NACADA Advisor Training and Development Commission.

Read the full article for Rebecca’s tips…


UARC Daily News: What’s your New Year’s Advising Goal? Share it at #uicadvisinggoal

Happy New Year Advisors! We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday break and we want to help you kickstart your year! With advice from experts about how it’s sometimes better to set a goal for yourself rather than a New Year’s resolution, we in UARC are hoping that you’re inspired to set an advising goal for the year and we encourage you to share it!

Share it with your colleagues in your office, or share it with us! Sharing our goals allows our teammates to support us in our goals – so share, share, share! Use #uicadvisinggoal and then we can support each other!