PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Financial Literacy Resources for Advisors newsletter. Survey for advisors related to financial literacy.

A highlight of the upcoming newsletter you will receive in “Personal Finance Resources for Academic Advisors Newsletter” coming next week:

A myriad of financial decisions face our students throughout their academic careers – maintaining satisfactory academic progress, navigating the constantly changing US financial market, signing leases, filing taxes, choosing a financial institution and many more decisions – which can affect their success in college.

A few resources on campus that can help students (and staff) develop strong financial habits now so they can avoid financial stress and be even more successful in the future.

Student Money Management Center
Financial Literacy Badges Program
iGrad Online Learning Platform
Monthly Staff & Faculty E-newsletters
Webinar Series: Get Savvy – Grow Your Green Stuff

Financial education occurs all over campus and is important for the success of our students, staff & faculty, so the USFCO Student Money Management Center would like to get a better idea of how you are supporting financial education on campus & how we can help you connect students in need to resources on campus. Please complete this survey by September 31st for your chance at a $15 Visa Gift Card.

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