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FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Summer College Advising Information Packet now available!

We’re getting closer to Summer College!

There is a downloadable Summer College Advising Information packet now available in the UIC Advising Guidelines section of our website. Documents included in the downloadable packet are:

Summer College Programs Student Handout

Summer Enrichment Workshops Advising Information

2017 PEP College Advisors’ Handbook

Summer Enrichment Writing and ENGL 159 Co-Requisite Chart

ALEKS Math Placement Information

Summer College Chemistry FAQ’s for Student Orientation Leaders

Don’t forget:
You can visit the new Summer College website, which has been re-designed and updated. It’s easy to remember –

You can also download a new Summer College flyer with information on all of our Summer College programs!

Registration for Summer College happens through the my.UIC portal so incoming students can log in and register there.

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION/SHARE WITH STUDENTS: Summer College registration goes live next Wednesday, May 10th!

It’s summer at UIC and that means that we’re gearing up for our incoming class! Summer College’s registration opens next Monday, May 15th!

Registration for Summer College happens through the my.UIC portal so incoming students can log in and register there. Invitations to eligible students will begin next Wednesday, May 10th as well.

You can download a new Summer College flyer with information on all of our Summer College programs and next week we will be providing a downloadable Advisors’ Summer College packet so watch for that!

Here’s a preview of the Introduction to Summer College that we’ve provided in the Orientation Student Life Guide!

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: New version of the portal is now available for continuing students!

There is a new version of that is now live. Please keep in mind that the new portal is currently for continuing students only.

The portal ( has been redesigned with input from Students.  The changes and new features in the portal are:

  • There is only one tab level reducing the number of clicks to access various systems;
  • Single Sign On for both Enterprise Applications (Registration, Grades, etc.) or Bluestem/Shibboleth Applications (email, Blacboard, etc.);
  • The most commonly used features are now on the Welcome tab (landing page);
  • Mobile friendly;
  • You can add any portlet to your ” Favorites”;
  • There are fewer tabs.  The “Welcome” tab has the most commonly used functions.  The “Student” tab has all of the student functions.  The “Student Services” tab lists services on one tab. The “Help” tab lists the support contacts.

The link is located on the website.  You can see a screenshot of the new portal on

Both the previous version of the portal and the new portal will be available until late September 2017 to eliminate any confusion and give everyone a chance to look at the new version.

We will keep you posted on further development of the portal including faculty/staff development!

YOUR RESPONSE REQUESTED: Career Services is asking for your First Destination Student Success Nominations – DEADLINE 3/31


Dear Colleagues –

In Spring 2017, Career Services will be releasing results of the Class of 2016 First Destination survey which summarizes career outcomes of bachelor’s degree graduates.   As part of “telling our story” about the Class of 2016 and 2017 graduates, Career Services will be partnering with Student Affairs Marketing to launch a campaign promoting the survey findings as well as the personal success stories of UIC bachelor’s degree graduates.  This is a an opportunity to celebrate the diverse outcomes of UIC graduates and their journeys in achieving their career goals.

We are seeking your assistance in nominating graduates from the Class of 2016 or 2017 who have successfully achieved or are in the process of fulfilling their post-graduation plans to be showcased as student success stories.   This includes graduates who have successfully secured a career outcome which may include employment, military service, volunteer/service program, and/or continuing education at a graduate level.  We ask that you consider graduates who represent the diversity of our campus and different career outcome(s).   Please send your nominations by completing a short submission form [] by March 31.

We are excited about the opportunity to share our graduates’ outcomes.  If you have feedback or questions regarding this process, please contact Associate Director of Career Services Assessment and Evaluation, Tatjana Rapajic (


Thy Nguyen
Director of Career Services
Tatjana Rapajic
Associate Director of Career Services Assessment and Evaluation

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: 2017 Summer Session course schedule now available.

It’s not too early to help your students start planning ahead.

You and your students can use the Summer Session course schedule which is now available online. Find it easily at:

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: ROTC Advising Guidelines have been updated. Available online.

ROTC cadets may have been visiting advisors to complete their 104-R forms and may continue to do so throughout the next few weeks.

The ROTC Advising Guidelines have been updated and are downloadable below and from the OAD website:

ROTC Advising Guidelines

The guidelines include information about the changes regarding MILS credits accepted toward the degree last year that were approved effective this past Fall 2016 in the College of Business Administration, College of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Nominate a student for the Chancellor’s Student Service Award! Due by 2/10.

The Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSLA) honors students who have made an outstanding contribution to the University through service to campus and the UIC community. As you are all springing into the semester, think about the outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have given their time and talent to campus community service that you would like to nominate!

The nomination site for the 2016 Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards (CSSLA) is active until February 10, 2017! So keep an eye out!


For further information, please refer to

Click here to nominate!

FOR ADVISORS’ INFORMATION: Important Spring 2017 Placement Testing Deadlines

Below is information on the Spring 2017 testing deadline dates and availability of the testing system:

In order to register for a class requiring a placement test by the add/drop deadline date (January 20, 2017), students must complete the test(s) prior to the final deadline date that is listed below:

Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, and Russian – 3:00 PM Wednesday January 18, 2017

Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Modern Greek and Spanish – 3:00 PM Sunday January 15, 2017

The testing system will be unavailable from January 23, 2017 through February 1, 2017  for maintenance.  The system will be back on-line at 10:00 am on February 2, 2017 for Fall 2017 incoming students.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: U and I Care Program from the Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is proud to announce the creation of a new initiative, the U and I Care program. The U and I Care program is designed to provide a network of care for UIC students and centralize campus information and resources related to student advocacy efforts. The program consists of three components: a website containing resource and referral information, educational outreach activities and services, and U and I Care Partners.

A website has been developed that contains information for students to help themselves or other students, and for staff and faculty to assist students experiencing personal challenges and crises. Students can use the site to identify resources and assistance to address a variety of concerns such as homelessness, illness, food insecurities, financial issues, depression, or personal safety. Faculty and staff will find useful information on how and where to refer students in need and how to respond to students in distress.

In collaboration with several campus partners, the U and I Care program offers a variety of educational outreach activities and services: emergency loans, Pop Up Pantry, presentations for university departments related to helping distressed/disruptive students, sexual violence prevention programs, and consultation services for faculty and staff.

The U and I Care Partners is a newly created group of university departments that often assist us with our student advocacy work. It is our intention to use this group to help us identify trends, research best practices, and make recommendations for enhancements or changes to student advocacy at UIC. Membership in this group is fluid and additional campus partners are welcomed to join the network of care. Together we can make UIC a better place for all students.

Please take a moment to review the new website:

We encourage your comments and feedback about the program. If you have questions about the U and I Care program, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Details forthcoming – two post-election conversations hosted next week by the Dean of Students in partnership with UIC Dialogue Initiative and the Counseling Center.

In response to concerns expressed by UIC students regarding the presidential election, the Office of the Dean of Students will host two events next week in partnership with the UIC Dialogue Initiative and the Counseling Center. More details are forthcoming.

OAD and the Steering Committee are aware that other activities, dialogue opportunities, and spaces are being planned and provided across campus for students, faculty, and staff throughout these next months.

We hope that you can provide OAD with information about these activities so that they may be broadly distributed to advisors. Providing this information will allow advisors to remain informed and make referrals for students. You can email Joey Volpe at with information. We ask your patience as there may be more frequent emails coming from the listserv over this time.

The Counseling Center has updated its website to provide helpful information to assist students. Advisors and any faculty/staff member may seek assistance with the Employee Assistance Program and are encouraged to do so if assistance is needed.